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Key Stage 2 Science

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Throughout KS2, your child will study science topics in three broad categories: life and living things, materials and their properties and physical processes.

You can support science learning at home, help your child develop the skills of ‘scientific enquiry’ and stimulate their interest in the world around them with hundreds of KS2 sciences worksheets, activities and games.

Plus, check out the fantastic Science Learning Journey, with separate programmes for Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6.


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Simple experiments for KS2 scientists
Have you got a budding Galileo or Newton in the family? Help your child's developing scientific enquiries by finding out what they will be learning in science lessons and how to support their practice at home.
Light bulb on blackboard
What your child learns in Key Stage 2 science
Want to know more about what your child gets up to in science class at school? Here’s your guide to the topics they’ll cover.
Father and son homework time
How to use a SATs past paper: KS2 science
Although your child will no longer sit the KS2 SATs science test, you can still help them develop their skills by practising on a past paper together. Our teacher-tips guide explains how to administer the test at home.


Good and bad scientists worksheet
Good and bad scientists
A list of statements for children to look through and decide which are true of good scientists.
Pollination and fertilisation worksheet
Pollination and fertilisation
A worksheet demonstrating the male and female parts of a flower and then explaining the process of pollination and fertilisation. Children draw pictures to show their understanding.
Refuting a hypothesis activity
Refuting a hypothesis
This worksheet requires children to give ways of proving that sound can travel through solids and then try out their ideas.
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Science pack

Experiments and science fun for KS1 and KS2

Beans, gingerbread men, ice, washing-up bottles and cocoa powder – that's all you need to demonstrate key KS1 and KS2 science concepts to your child at the kitchen table. Packed with simple experiments, fun games (Muffled Chinese Whispers, anyone?) and parent-friendly science explanations, our Experiments and science fun for KS1 and KS2 learning pack is all you need to make primary science come to life for your child.

KS2 Science Learning Journey

Discover a complete learning programme that covers all the core science skills that your child must master by the end of Key Stage 2. This comprehensive programme enables you to cover every topic in the curriculum with just one 10-minute worksheet every week at home.

Get started on the Science Learning Journey for your child's school year and by doing just a few minutes of fun work each week with your child at home, you will inspire their learning, fire up their hunger for knowledge… and ensure they’re not only on top of their lessons but brimming over with facts and actively contributing to classes.