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How to use a SATs past paper: KS2 science

Father and son homework time
Although your child will no longer sit the KS2 SATs science test, you can still help them develop their skills by practising on a past paper together. Our teacher-tips guide explains how to administer the test at home.

After 2022, the rules around science testing within KS2 SATs changed. Now, all schools will get results from teacher assessment rather than formal testing. 

If your child is not taking the KS2 Science SAT, using test papers and worksheets is a good way to see how well they understand what they’ve been learning. You’ll also be able to identify which areas your child may need support with.

Test A

Children will need:

• A pen or pencil
• A sharp pencil, for drawings
• A rubber (optional)

Give your child 45 minutes to do this test.

Read the page entitled ‘Instructions’ to your child.

Explain that they will need to work through each question carefully. They need to leave out any questions they can’t do, and then they can return to them later if they have time.

You may clarify instructions, but you must not help your child with the substance of a question.

You must not help your child with spellings.

Remember to give your child time reminders throughout the test.

Test B

Follow the same instructions as given for Test A. Test B also takes 45 minutes to complete.


To mark your child’s paper, you can download the Teacher’s mark scheme. This goes through every question, and explains how each question should be marked based on the answers your child has given.

For top marks, examiners are looking for:

• Clear, unambiguous answers
• Complete explanations, when required
• Details that show an understanding of terminology and processes

Give your child a headstart

Give your child a headstart

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