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10 top tips for SATs revision

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Revision for tests is never easy for your children, but fear not, positive parenting expert Sue Atkins shares her advice to parents who want to help their kids achieve their best.
They may be your child’s SATs but there’s plenty you can do to help their revision go smoothly. Try these ideas from parenting expert Sue Atkins for stress-free, productive study.
  • Schedule time. Help your child revise by rearranging your family’s schedules and usual priorities around their work.
  • Relax about chores. Be more lenient with their untidiness and jobs around the house.
  • Be patient. Try to be understanding and tolerant of their moods and lost tempers.
  • Stay positive. Don’t nag, blame or criticise them about their revision. Try to talk to them in a relaxed and constructive way, helping them to plan their time or to get the help they need.
  • Create the right environment.  Make sure the house is conducive to studying. Younger siblings need to understand that they mustn’t interrupt study and the TV and music shouldn’t be too loud. But also accept that some children actually study better with background music or noise.
  • Kit them out. Give practical help, such as buying the correct equipment – pens, compasses or highlighters. This takes away the last minute stress of not being prepared, too.
  • Plan treats. Suggest a family treat each week or at the end of the tests to give your child something to look forward to. Let them choose what they would like.
  • Give them a good start. Prepare a hearty breakfast every morning and be there to give them a positive send off.
  • Offer encouragement. Be calm, positive, encouraging, kind and compassionate. Let your child know that you love them, respect their efforts, and will be there to support them regardless of their results.
  • Make time for fun. Remember to still have a laugh together. A smile is a curve that puts a lot of things straight!
Give your child a headstart

Give your child a headstart

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