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Thank you for all your extraordinary materials that have made working with my Year 6 child such a pleasure.

- Yolanda, London

This is an excellent resource, for anybody looking to understand more about the curriculum that your children are studying and add some extra support at home. Highly recommended by a parent of two children who uses this from Reception to Year 4.

- 5-star review on Trustpilot from Anne-Marie Allman

I loved that the 11+ Programme built up each skill slowly but you knew that everything would be covered by the end.

- Christine

We found TheSchoolRun collateral very useful, timely, fun and relevant for our Y6 child. He went on to attain superb SATs results, with all the hard work definitely making a huge difference.

- Neil , Warrington

TheSchoolRun worksheets are so colourful, crafty, interactive and fun, that they are the first resource our children (6 & 7) presently go-to without much direction at all!

- Pinar, home-educating mum

One click after the other, I realised that all the info I have ever needed over the years was here, in ONE place!  It blows my mind how I hadn’t found your website earlier! The info is clear, practical and easy to find. It really helps knowing that you are all mums. And it shows that you have clearly been there before!

- Sabrina, London

I like to be able to search for the topic my daughter is covering and find easy-to-use worksheets that explain the subject quickly & clearly.  After trying out a few different resources TheSchoolRun does the best without a shadow of a doubt.

- Melissa, Stockton-on-Tees

My granddaughter is enjoying using TheSchoolRun worksheets and eBooks – they really do make learning fun.

- Moira, Tring

Thank you for providing a much-needed service for parents and one which really represented good value for money. I particularly loved your handwriting sections and the ‘Learning Journey’ links that you have created. There are not many services I would pay to subscribe to, and even less I would recommend, but yours is one which I did!

- Nicola, Aberdeenshire

I’m not on social media but just wanted to reach out and say I have been recommending you to everyone I know, with kids of course!

Your site has been fantastic. It’s not only teaching my little one things, it’s showing me how things should’ve been done when I was younger. I do wish you were around then, as your content is fantastic and my little boy looks forward to your daily worksheets. Learning definitely made fun.

People are so quick to moan these days, so I wanted to send an email to sing my praises. You’ve helped me become more organised with the schedule of things, but without the pressure I was putting myself under before. We have fun and learn.

- Katie, Sevenoaks

I'm finding your site an absolutely fantastic resource alongside the stuff being sent from my son's school. We love being able to keep track of his progress on his Learning Journey checklist!

- Claire, Kent

Thank you so very much for all the help your site is giving myself to aid my daughter's education at home. Truly, it makes her day enjoyable, structured and continuous.

- Julie, Northamptonshire

I have been so impressed with TheSchoolRun and have really enjoyed completing your weekly worksheets with my two older children. Very grateful now to be a subscriber and wanted to say a huge well done to you all as I think it's a great site and resource.

- Claire, London

Your web site is impressive and professional. It is obvious that the worksheets and advice are delivered by qualified primary school teachers. I would go as far as saying it is the best and most up-to-date educational site in the UK.

- Barbara, retired Deputy Head Teacher, Bury St Edmonds

The array of resources on the website gives me confidence that I can support my children's learning at home without adding additional pressure.

- Sarah, West Midlands

A priceless resource for modern day parents trying to help their children through those ever changing school years.

- Hannah-Marie, Surrey

TheSchoolRun is an Aladdin's cave for primary school information!

- A Patel, London

TheSchoolRun is a fantastic resource and full of very useful information re the ever changing school curriculum. A huge thank you to you and your team.

- Kathy, Twickenham

Your site is an absolute life saver and my son is already reaping the rewards.

- Miss Jamieson, Hove

It is an excellent resource for researching any part of the curriculum (maths and English) and clearly shows me how things are taught so that I can replicate the method at home. It means I am helping my child, not confusing her.

- Survey respondent

We are absolutely loving TheSchool Run and can't believe the amount of resources you have made accessible to us at the click of a button. Means more valuable time spent helping the girls with areas they are struggling with instead of wasting time searching the Internet!

- Bernie, Saudi Arabia

TheSchoolRun is a comprehensive toolkit to support children and parents through Key Stage 1 and 2, setting children up to be successful at senior school.

- Survey respondent

Of all the resources we searched last year, TheSchoolRun became our "go to" site.

- Ruth, Worcestershire

TheSchoolRun has saved me countless times when I am confused as to how to help my children on a number of topics. My maths has also improved tremendously due to the simple and fun way employed by TheSchoolRun to teach seemingly complex topics. I can't thank you enough. My children and I are blessed with the discovery of the site. It is our magic wand to excellence.

- Oyebola

Wow you constantly keep exceeding my expectations thank you!

- Kimberly, London

I genuinely don't know what I would do without TheSchoolRun. Every day when my son gets home he downloads his day and if he mentions anything like 'chunking' or 'adverbial phrases' I am straight on to your site to check what he means! I'm using it at least four times a week. Superb resource – keep up the excellent work.

- Claire, Kent

Excellent value. A must in a child's life if you want them to succeed.

- Survey respondent

Brilliant website. Has all the information I need about what is being taught at school and how it's being taught. The worksheets are in line with what the kids are learning in school.

- Survey respondent

One of their teachers even said to me: "I don’t know what you’re doing at home with your child, but it’s really showing in their progress at school!"

- Felicia, South East London

The site and work we have downloaded has been great and really useful. Thank you to you and your team for everything.

- Karen, Cheshire

A brilliant tool which comes in handy to improve or follow what's taught in school.

- Survey respondent

[I know my times tables] showed her that it was alright to learn in a different way than she was taught at school (mums, of course, don't know these things!). She's said that she can't wait to look at the rest of the book as it was fun – and this from a child who struggles at maths! So all in all, a success I'd say.

- Jacqui Leech

My son and I loved picking out activities [from The Nursery and Reception Activity Book], especially the dinosaur hunt which was a big hit! The instructions were really clear and the illustrations were fun to look at and set the tone for each topic. I'm sure we'll use these activities over and again and they'll be a lifesaver during school holidays!

- Louisa Burton

I like the books like the times table and spelling made magic as I can go through them as many times as I like.

- Survey respondent