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I know my times tables

I know my times table cover
Publication type: eBook

By using the great techniques in this book, within 30 days your child will not only know their times tables but will be SINGING them! I Know My Times Tables has been developed exclusively for TheSchoolRun by deputy headteacher, Matt Revill, and writer of musicals and author, Bernadette Strachan.

Every child (and parent) should master the times tables and know them off by heart. Loads of us struggle to remember times tables no matter how old we are, but the tips, rhymes and strategies in Matt and Bernadette's book are a huge help towards helping your child memorise and understand the numbers and rules.

It cannot be stressed enough how important grasping times tables (up to 12) is to everyday life. Once your child has mastered them, you will also find that their overall maths ability improves too. But for lots of children, it's not as easy as a simple memory and logic task. Children learn best when they are engaged and enjoying the activity they are doing. For that reason, I Know My Times Tables gives them what they're looking for: terrific games and rhymes for each of the times tables! Games are a brilliant way to learn (and we've included the boards too) – they keep children interested, motivated and best of all, they want to learn because they want to play them. This book has been written for children to work through themselves, but includes notes for parents to help them along the way.


A method for every learner
All children learn in different ways – they each need something unique that makes that light bulb ping on in their head! Some children learn best visually, some by listening and some through practical hands-on activities.

This exclusive book from TheSchoolRun aims to provide parents and children with a range of original, quirky games and activities to support all children in learning their times tables. The creative ‘make-it-yourself' element will help your child feel like they're in control of the games in the book (and you know they'll love that), whilst the competitive nature of playing will spur them on to do it again and again, and really cement their learning!

They'll be reciting their 11 times tables down the phone to Grandma within weeks, if not days! The rhymes, songs and raps (yes, raps… maths can be cool!) mean children can bring their own style to learning. The special rhymes written for each of the times tables are about subjects such as colours, animals and a typical day; all designed to be both familiar and stimulating. A times table your child enjoys working with is one that will stick in their head, and be instantly available to them whenever needed – be that in an exam or when trying to work out how many Mars bars they can buy with their birthday money!

Bet you wish you'd had this when you were at school! But, if your times tables are a bit rusty, you can use this versatile resource too.

About the authors
Bernadette Strachan is the mother of a 6-year-old girl and the author of six funny, romantic novels. She's co-written two musicals with her husband, Matthew Strachan, and used to represent a bevy of household acting names as a voiceover agent. She has also knitted for a living and was the worst waitress in Putney for a memorable fortnight. Working on these rhymes has been the best fun Bernadette has had at her desk for ages.

Matt Revill is Deputy Headteacher of Fox Hill Primary School in Sheffield. Matt has a passion for developing fun and exciting ways to help children learn and he has written a book and several articles about thinking skills. Prior to teaching Matt worked ridiculously long hours in a video store and can tell you almost anything about any film. He has a 3-year-old son and fills his time with planning, marking, paperwork and nappies...

Published reviews:

“From a parent's point of view, I think I Know My Times Tables was really good. The bits that appealed to me most were the tips and ideas. As a ‘numbers' person myself, I have always used different methods and ‘patterns' to get to answers and I was really pleased to see that the tips and ideas picked up on this type of thing as I think children remember things in different ways, and this helps to look at the times tables in new ways rather than just a list of numbers they have to learn. I also like the game suggestions and the proformas at the back that can be used over again. I think that the approach is fun which is much more appealing to children.

My son who is just 9 (Year 4) also really liked the ideas and tips section of the sheets and it was great to see him get excited about the 'patterns' that the numbers made and seeing the ideas settle in his head. He also really liked the games, in particular the multiplication speed sort, the times table board and the times table racetrack – probably because he is a bit competitive! It has great ideas, and it keeps things interesting for him while he is learning – can't be bad!

A good job well done, making numbers an interesting thing to learn. This book certainly does a good job in making learning fun – well done.”

- Julia


“My daughter has always struggled with her times tables, and her school won't use rhymes for learning.

She has trouble in particular with her 7 and 8 times tables – don't ask me why!

I got her to recite the 8 times table, and she got stuck in exactly the same place she always has. Then she learnt the 8 times table rhyme and started singing it whilst dancing around the house, and within a short time she was remembering it perfectly.

The book showed her that it was alright to learn in a different way than she was taught at school (mums, of course, don't know these things!). She's said that she can't wait to look at the rest of the book as it was fun – and this from a child who struggles at maths!

So all in all, a success I'd say.”

- Jacqui Leech


“We love this!

It's very catchy – different ways of trying to explain how to understand, and how to get to the answers.

For a child like Kirsty who is working behind and struggling, it's a really fun way to get to grips with times tables; much more exciting than learning by rote.”

- Linda