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Year 2

Teacher with Year 2 pupils

Year 2 is when your child will take their Key Stage 1 SATs exams.

Our Year 2 English worksheets and Year 2 maths worksheets will help your child revise what they're learning at school and the Year 2 SATs practice papers will help you check their progress.


7 key areas for Year 2 home learning
7 key ways to support your Year 2 child's learning
With KS1 SATs on the horizon, not to mention the step up to KS3 at the end of the year, we asked primary-school teacher, education writer and mum of three Phoebe Duffy to highlight the key skills to focus on with your Year 2 child.
Student in Year 2
What your child learns in Year 2 maths, English and science
Year 2 is when your child will take their Key Stage 1 SATs exams, but what does that mean? What will they learn? And how can you help? Find out in our parents’ guide.
Year 2 child
How your Year 2 child develops
With friendship issues and KS1 SATs stress to contend with, how will your child change in Year 2?


Adding the value of two coins tutorial
Adding the value of two coins tutorial
Once our digital teacher has shown you how to work out the value of two coins, can you help Paul count the coins in his piggy bank?
Finding one quarter of a quantity tutorial
Finding one quarter of a quantity tutorial
Mrs Brown is feeling very generous and wants to give away a quarter of her sweets. After our digital teacher has shown you how to find one quarter of a quantity, can you help Mrs Brown share out her sweets?
Learning the 10 times table tutorial
Learning the 10 times table tutorial
Can you work out how many slices of pizza there are, if each pizza is cut into 10? To help you get started, our digital teacher will help you practise your 10 times table. WARNING – this tutorial might leave you feeling peckish!


Be a connectives spy worksheet
Be a connectives spy
Connectives or conjunctions are joining words. Can you spot the connective in each of the sentences below and circle it in red?
Introduction to fractions worksheet
Introduction to fractions
Can you colour in these fractions? Then try dividing up this pizza.
Subtraction bingo
Subtraction bingo
Let's play bingo! Each player has a board. The caller reads out a calculation question from the list. The person who has the correct answer on their board puts a counter on top of it. The winner is the player who covers all the numbers on their board first.
Also see:

Y2 English booster

Year 2 English Booster pack

and Year 2 Maths Booster pack

Our Year 2 English Booster pack covers all the main literacy topics your child will learn in Y2 – perfect to help your child prepare for KS1 SATs at the end of the school year or revise key concepts covered in Year 2 English. Writing 'Missing' posters for favourite toys, devising menus, reviewing books, filling story treasure chests, teaching aliens to brush their teeth and more – this learning pack is bursting with fun activities to boost literacy.

Whether you're revising for KS1 SATs or keeping your child's maths learning on track over the school year, our Year 2 Maths Booster pack covers all the main numeracy topics for Y2. Help them practise their skills with colourful worksheets - a daily session with pirates, sandcastles and wizards will consolidate multiplication, addition, rounding up, estimation and partitioning the fun way.

LJ graphic

Year 2 English Learning Journey and Year 2 Maths Learning Journey

Discover a unique Learning Journey programme for Year 2 English and maths. Ther are 40 worksheets in the progamme, that cover all the key topics in the curriculum for Year 2. By following the programme, which closely mirrors what your child is being taught in school in Year 2, you’ll quickly be able to spot any topics that your child hasn't fully grasped and reinforce learning that is happening in the classroom at home. Your child will feel more confident in their own abilities and you’ll know you are giving your child the very best chance of succeeding in school.

Ks1 SATs paper

Help your child prepare for Year 2 SATs

Explore the range of resources on TheSchoolRun to help your child get ready for the KS1 SATs at the end of Year 2:

Year 2 English progress check

Is your child's learning on track?

Number bonds, partitioning, 2D and 3D shapes and telling the time – all skills children master in KS1 and are tested on in Y2 SATs. Check your child's progress and understanding with our Y2 maths Progress checks, designed to help you spot any gaps in their knowledge so you can support them with extra practice and activities at home.

Working with phonemes to read and write, learning to spell high frequency words, using non-fiction texts and creating stories... literacy is demanding in Year 2. Check your child's progress and identify any areas they need extra practice in with our Y2 English Progress checks.

Parents Guide to Y2 Maths

The Parents' Guide to Year 2 Maths

Number bonds... counting in ‘hops’... using grids and number lines... this is the norm for our kids, but it means very little to us. That's because maths lessons today take on a rather different form to those from our own school days. Forget tedious hours of solving endless sums; The Parents' Guide to Year 2 Maths, packed with great maths games and activities, will guide you through everything you need to know for maths in Year 2 and help your child towards KS1 SATs success.


Year 2 topic homework? The Homework Gnome is here to help!

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