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Learning Journey Progress Checks

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There are six Progress Checks for each school year (one for each school term in English and maths). Each Progress Check includes questions on the areas of learning that your child will be covering in that school term. Just get your child to take the test, then check the answers we provide and you'll see straight away if your child has grasped each of these learning skills.

If there is a question they've got wrong, we'll have a worksheet targeted at this specific skill so you can easily revise it with them. Or if your child answers all the questions easily, you might want to see how they perform with a more advanced test.

Use these tests in conjunction with a personalised learning programme

These new Progress Checks are linked to TheSchoolRun's Learning Journey programme and can be used in conjunction with it in two different ways:

  • Fast-track version: At the end of each school term, get your child to take the relevant English and maths Progress check. Look through the answers to see exactly how well your child is doing and whether there any areas where they are struggling. If there are gaps in their knowledge, print out the appropriate worksheets from the Learning Journey to revise these areas.
  • Full version: If you’re already following the weekly learning programme we’re sending you by email, use the appropriate Progress check at the end of the term to check that your child has fully mastered everything we’ve covered in the Learning Journey that term.

The Progress Checks themselves are free to use (you'll just need to log into to download them). You can then decide if you want to take out a trial subscription to TheSchoolRun to access the Learning Journey programme.

Watch our video to find out how the Learning Journey works