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Year 6

Children working in classroom

Year 6 is such an important year, with Key Stage 2 SATs and preparation for secondary school

This way for Year 6 success 

Support Year 6 English, Year 6 maths and Year 6 science learning with clear explanations and information as well as an array of teacher-created resources. Got a tricky topic to tackle or a piece of challenging homework? Find out how to explain it to your child then back it up with some practice sessions, using our worksheets and interactive tutorials, which cover all the core areas of the Year 6 curriculum, including angles, square and prime numbers, analysis of texts, improving writing skills and materials. Or you can keep learning on track year-round with our Y6 English, Y6 maths and Y6 science programmes. 

Then try some past KS2 SATs papers and our exclusive practice papers for the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (SPAG) test.


Year 6 maths and English key topics for home education
Year 6 maths and English key topics for home education
If you've decided to home educate your Y6 child or spend more time supporting their learning from home, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed because your (not so) little person is set to start secondary school in September and you want to make sure they’re in a really good place academically. Don't panic! Phoebe Duffy (mum, teacher and education writer), shares her advice for home-schoolers.
Students in Year 6 SATs
What your child learns in Year 6 maths, English and science
Year 6 means the next round of SATs exams! Start revising by knowing what the learning targets are for the new year, reviewing what was taught in Years 3, 4 and 5, and giving your child SATs practice papers and past exams.
Children at computers
How your Year 6 child develops
As they look forward to the move to secondary school, what is changing for your Year 6 child?


Simplifying fractions tutorial
Simplifying fractions tutorial
Simplifying fractions is easy when you know how. Watch as our digital teacher demonstrates how to do it and then you'll have a chance to try it for yourself.
Converting eighths into decimals tutorial
Converting eighths into decimals tutorial
Let our digital teacher show you how to convert eighths into decimals. Then, when you are feeling confident, answer her on-screen questions.
Common multiples tutorial
Common multiples tutorial
If you're not sure how to work out common multiples, our digital teacher is here to show you the right method to do it. Then she's going to see if you can use what you've learned to move some penguin sailors into the correct boats.


Plan and write your own argument text
Plan and write your own argument text
Think about an interesting subject that you feel strongly about. You are going to write one argument text FOR the subject and one argument text AGAINST the subject. Start by doing some research
Multiplying and dividing decimals worksheet
Multiplying and dividing decimals
When you want to multiply a decimal by a one-digit or two-digit number, you can use the long multiplication method. It is very important to remember to line up your numbers correctly
or your decimal point will end up in the wrong place! Practise these sums using this method.
Y6 English Progress checks, TheSchoolRun
Year 6 English Progress checks
From persuasive arguments to punctuation, text analysis to narrative techniques and spelling to sentence structure, Year 6 brings all your child's primary school literacy learning together. Check their progress and identify any areas they might need to revise in the run-up to KS2 SATs with our Progress checks.
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KS2 SATs test
Everything you need to help prepare your child for KS2 SATs

You'll find lots of resources on TheSchoolRun to help your child prepare for their SATs test at the end of Year 6 including:

Year 6 maths

A complete parents' guide to EVERYTHING your child will learn in Year 6 maths

The Parents' Guide to Year 6 Maths will very quickly help you understand what's been going on in your child's lessons all these years – and better equip you for helping your child to really grasp their maths and get ahead in Year 6.

You will get an overview of the exact kind of sums, calculations and operations children are expected to be able to perform with whole and decimal numbers, percentages and fractions – as well as how they are taught to do them. You will learn exactly what they are expected to know about – and do with – shapes and measurements and data handling and you will also discover important little insights such as why you should not tell your child to move the decimal point when multiplying or dividing with decimals.

This popular eBook includes 50 ideas for maths games to play with your child, as well as resource sheets which you can print again and again to help your child practise place value, column calculations, 2D and 3D shapes, Venn diagrams, Carroll diagrams and more.

Geometry pack cover

Fantastic learning packs to support your child's Year 6 learning

Looking for support on one specific area of the Year 6 curriculum?  Browse through our range of learning packs and chances are you'll find just what your need. Our learning packs cover all aspects of a tricky subject, from information for parents to practical activities to help your child master it. Whether it's times tables or handwriting your child needs practice in, everything you need is just a download away. For starters, why not check out:

Parents' Guide to secondary school

Prepare your child for the transition to secondary school

The move to secondary school is a big turning point in your child's life and you'll want to spend a lot of Year 6 preparing. You'll find lots of resources on TheSchoolRun to help ensure your child has the best start ever in Year 7, including:

Your guide to choosing a secondary school
What to look for during a secondary school visit
Common secondary school application mistakes
Choosing, applying and appealing
A Parents' Guide to Secondary School
How to survive starting secondary school

History, georgraphy or science homework? Let the Homework Gnome help

In Year 6, your child will cover some core learning areas of history, geography and science. For many of these topic-areas, you'll find top facts, timelines, did you knows, pictures, videos and more, in the Homework Gnome. Why not check out the following:

Julius Caesar
Isambard Kingdom Brunel
William Shakespeare
Life in the Victorian era
Greek life and culture
Greek gods and mythology

Animal adaptation
Conservation and endangered species