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Fractions made simple

Fractions made simple learning pack
Foxed by fractions? Not any more! From the foundations of fractions learning in Reception to converting fractions to decimals and percentages in Year 6, our teacher-created learning pack explains everything your child needs to know in fractions. We'll break fractions down and show you, step by step, how to teach your primary school child fractions.

How do you explain fractions to a primary school child?

Teaching fractions to a child is all about making it fun and easy to understand. Start by showing them real-life examples, like sharing pizza slices or dividing up snacks. 

Explain that fractions are like pieces of a puzzle, with the top number (numerator) showing how many pieces we have, and the bottom number (denominator) telling us how many pieces make up the whole. Use things like cookies or toys to show fractions visually, breaking them into equal parts. 

Keep things lively by practicing fractions during activities like cooking or playing games. As they get the hang of it, you can introduce adding and subtracting fractions, always making sure to keep the learning experience enjoyable!

How does this pack help you teach fractions to your child?

Using this teacher-created resource, you can understand how fractions are taught using pictures, how to make the concept real for your child and revise the mathematical terminology (numerators, improper fractions, quotients and more). Of course, you might have to eat a few halves, quarters and eighths of pizzas or cakes with your child to help them learn… it’s a hard life, being a parent!

What you'll find in your copy of Fractions made simple:

• The beginner's guide to fractions
• A year-by-year plan of how your child will be taught fractions at school
• A glossary to remind you of the correct terms
• Teachers’ tips for teaching fractions
• 35 worksheets and printable games to help your child put their learning into practice

You'll also find fractions worksheets on the site.

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