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Find out about the primary school geography curriculum as well as great ways to get your child excited about geography at home.

We've got beginner's guides to EYFS geography, KS1 geography and geography in KS2, plus lots of worksheets to help your child understand the concept of direction and using a compass as well as learning about capital cities.

Plus you can check out even more geography topics by visiting our Homework Gnome geography section.


Children playing throwing globe
13 ways to get children excited about geography
Boost your child’s natural curiosity about the world around us with some at-home geography fun. Teacher Jenny Cooke, creator of the Oddizzi website for primary school learners, shares her wanderlust tips to help you turn a rainy afternoon into an exotic adventure.
Magnifying glass over map
National curriculum geography – is it a dying subject?
Geography should be one of the most exciting parts of the school timetable, so why do so many children find it boring? Melissa Murphy unearths ways to put geography back on the map
Map and binoculars
Key Stage 1 geography – what’s involved?
Geography is all around us and is an important subject for your child to learn about. Here’s how you can help your Key Stage 1 child embrace the subject.


Geography: capital cities
Geography: Capital cities
Develop your child's geography and research skills by asking them to use an atlas to identify places. Can they then write about their dream holiday destinations, explaining why they'd like to visit?
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Reading compass directions worksheet
Reading compass directions
Welcome to Skull Rock! Use the map to find your way around. Can you read the compass directions and answer these questions?
View Worksheet
Language of direction and position worksheet
Language of direction and position
Can you match these words with the correct pictures – under, over, above, beside, opposite, in between.
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Check in with the Homework Gnome for lots more geography topics!

Our Geography Homework Gnomes cover all the geography topics studied in primary school. For starters, you could find out more about:

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Best kids' books about geography

From natural landscapes to human habitats and cultures, each of these books about our world introduces kids to the diversity, complexity and beauty of the Earth. Inspire future travellers and explorers with our pick of the best kids' books about geography.