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Best geography games for children

Best geography games for children
There's no need to pack – travel the length and breadth of our world with these brilliant geography board games and card games, great for explorers and geographers of all ages.

Discover the World Game, £38.99

Compete with the rest of the family to race around the world and collect the most Destination Cards, completing travel-themed challenges along the way. Every Destination Card is packed with fascinating and useful facts about countries, cultures and continents and we love the bright, colourful game design.

Brainbox World, £10

Fast and funny, BrainBox is a quick memory game that's perfect for ten minutes of fun with no set-up or tidying-up time. Play solo or with as many people as you want: each player picks a card and studies it for 10 seconds before being asked a question from the back. If you answer correctly you keep the card and the player with most cards at the end of the game wins. BrainBox World is geography-themed, with cards for 68 countries and questions about capitals, flags, foods, buildings and animals.

Jigraphy, £14.99

A puzzle with a difference – you'll be piecing together country flags, capitals, currencies and populations as well as completing the tricky puzzle, so you'd better have an atlas on hand to help you place the 121 pieces correctly! The finished puzzle features all 193 United Nations member states, ordered alphabetically by continent.

Great Britain and Ireland Map Jigsaw Puzzle, £15.99

Discover the landmarks, natural features, food, animals and cities of Great Britain and Ireland with this large 150-piece puzzle (88cm x 61cm). Bright, colourful and the perfect way to explore the UK's landscapes, this jigsaw comes with a giant poster guide to illustrated geographical highlights, as well as mini guides showing some of the famous landmarks in the British Isles' capital cities of London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and Dublin.

Who Knows Where?, £29.99

An award-winning quiz game which is easy to play in a mixed-ability (and mixed-knowledge!) group thanks to its flexible rules, easy and hard question cards, adjustable levels of accuracy and double-sided board (one side is an easier country map with borders and named countries, the other a more challenging satellite image with no borders or countries marked). With over 1000 questions in five categories including capitals, major cities and towns, events and facts and famous tourist sites, this is great whole-family entertainment.

Ticket to Ride, £30.45

A cross-country train adventure in which you make your way across 1900s America, visiting great cities and collecting points along the way. Since its release in 2004, Ticket to Ride has become one of the most successful games of all time and there are several expansion sets to purchase if you love the original. Simple to learn and a good option if you want to play with the whole family – though the kids may prove to be much more tactical than the adults!

MAPOMINOES Europe, £10.99

Like dominoes (but with maps), there's no geography knowledge required to play MAPOMINOES EUROPE as all the information you need is written on the cards. Build a map of Europe by connecting countries that share a common border – block other players by holding on to France or Germany or open up the Baltic States by playing Russia; take a boat through the North Sea to the UK or travel by train through Spain to Portugal. A simple card game with hidden strategic depth, suitable for ages 8 to adult.

My First Carcassonne, £26.99

The Junior version of the board game Carcassonne, a strategic multi-player classic. There's no need to count points so players of all ages can play together: each turn, tiles are placed to build the city of Carcassone, where the streets are filled with kids who are trying to catch the animals set loose for a festival. When you close a street with one or more "meeples", you get to put your pawns on the board. Be the first to place all your pawns to win the game!

Where in the World Snap Card Game, £4.60

Travel the world playing snap or pairs with this card game for younger children. Buildings, food and other iconic images are matched with their countries of origin (for example pizza and Italy or kangaroos and Australia) and it's perfectly sized for playing on the move.

Globe Runner, £29.98

A race-around-the-world board game for all the family, adjustable to the ages and abilities of players. Learn as you play by answering multiple choice questions on countries, capital cities and flags; special squares allow you to use the highest mountain on every continent to catch up or expose you to the hazards of crossing Antarctica, rounding the treacherous Cape Horn or getting lost in the Sahara desert, Amazon rainforest or Bermuda triangle! First around the world wins!

Geogo! The Ordnance Survey Map Skills Boardgame, £29.97

Map reading skills are a vital part of the geography syllabus (and a great life skill!). Transform learning about maps into a competition with this board game for up to 4 players, racing to win knowledge skill award cards before making the charge back to OS headquarters to win the game.

With four different map extracts (Liverpool, Hereford, Mumbles and Aviemore), Geogo! offers players the chance to revise symbols, direction, distance, grid references, relief, landforms, settlement, transport, industry and land use concepts using 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 maps covering urban, rural, coastal and mountainous terrain.

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