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Introduction to learning fractions

Introduction to learning fractions worksheet
A fraction represents a part of a whole, with the numerator (top number) indicating how many parts are taken and the denominator (bottom number) showing the total number of equal parts the whole is divided into. Use this fractions worksheet, created by teachers, to help teach your primary school child the basics of fractions.
Keystage:  KS1, Year 1, Year 2

How are fractions taught in primary school?

In primary school, when your child starts learning fractions, it's all about understanding how items, objects or numbers can be divided into pieces.

Your child will probably be given visuals like pictures of pizzas that are sliced into parts or chocolate bars broken into chunks to get the idea. Your child will also learn the language of fractions, like numerator (the number on top) and denominator (the one on the bottom).

As your child gets the hang of it, they will start being asked to compare, order, and solve fraction sums. Progressively, equivalent fractions will be introduced (which are different fractions that mean the same thing) and your child will be taught how fractions pop up in real life, such as in recipes or measuring. 

How do you teach your child about fractions at home?

As a parent or caregiver, you can support your child's understanding of fractions at home in several ways:

  • Use everyday examples: point out fractions in everyday life, such as when cooking or sharing snacks. Show how fractions are used to divide items into equal parts.
  • Practice with visual aids: utilise visual aids like pizza slices or cookies to demonstrate fractions concretely.
  • Play fraction games: engage in games or activities that involve fractions, such as fraction bingo, fraction war (comparing fractions), or fraction puzzles.
  • Encourage exploration: allow your child to explore fractions independently through activities like cutting objects into equal parts or drawing fractions on paper.

Use this teacher-created fractions worksheet that provides simple activities and colourful visuals to help consolidate your child's fraction knowledge and create a good base for future fractions homework and tasks. 

For more information and support with learning (and teaching) fractions, check out our Fractions hub.