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Telling the time pack

Telling the time learning pack
Learning to tell the time is a process which spans the primary-school years, and children can find it overwhelmingly hard. The Telling the Time pack is a complete guide to everything you need to know to support your child and help them get to grips with this vital skill, bursting with practical suggestions, advice from experts and activity sheets for all the key stages.
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What you'll find in your Telling the Time pack:

  • Teachers' advice and tips to help your child learn about time
  • How to help your child understand an analogue clock face
  • 21 ways to incorporate practice into everyday life
  • Telling-the-time game ideas
  • Reading and writing time worksheets covering o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to and reading time to the nearest minute
  • Estimating and predicting time puzzles
  • Blank clock templates
  • Telling the Time Bingo
  • Telling the Time Dominoes

‘The Telling The Time pack is brilliant. We worked through it over the break and it got them both telling time easily. I find concentrated packs like these invaluable for the holidays as they help chunk things down in easy to manage blocks for the kids.’ – Suzanne, Scotland

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