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Best time-teaching products

Mother and daughter with clock
Great toys, books and resources to help your child learn to tell the time on analogue and digital timepieces, from clock face recognition to estimating time differences on the 24-hour clock.

Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

£12.99, Melissa & Doug

A colourful wooden shape-sorting clock which helps younger children familiarise themselves with the clock face. The hour and minute hands are adjustable so you can demonstrate different times for your child.

Timing it right

£20, Learning Resources

A brilliant game to build on time-telling and estimating skills, featuring real-life elapsed time scenarios. The first player to advance around the clock face game board wins! For 2-4 players at KS2 level.


£5.99, Aramazu

When all their time is stolen by a giant and all their money is taken by an evil Princess, the people of Aramazu have to start to learn to tell the time. To make it easier they use the Aramazu Mountain Clock so everyone can understand where Time is on the clock face. Following these three short illustrated stories a young child will learn how to tell the time, just like the people of Aramazu.

Happy Puzzle Amazing Clock Kit

£14.99, The Happy Puzzle Company

Help your child practise their clock-reading skills and understand how a clock actually works at the same time. Both sides of this wind-up clock are transparent, so your child will be able to see how the swinging pendulum causes the different cogs and springs to rotate, move, turn the hands of the clock and make the bell chime. Suitable for children aged 5 to 15.

Tell the time Lotto

£8, Orchard Toys

A telling the time lotto to help develop skills with analogue and digital times. Younger children can use the pictures to help them play against older, clock-reading siblings. Suitable for 2-4 players at KS1 and KS2 level.

My Calendar

£43.99, Fiesta Crafts

Help your EYFS child get to grips with days, dates, months and seasons with this beautiful fabric calendar. Moveable soft embroidered words and numbers Velcro into place, and the calendar is available in blue or pink.

Tock the Learning Clock

£25, Learning Resources

Suitable from age 3, Tock announces the time as you turn the clock hands on the play analogue clock face, as well as showing the time on a digital clock display. There are two learning modes: Quiz, which encourages children to answer three time questions, and Music, which allows you to set the clock for some silly songs. A night light function lets young clock-watchers know when it's ok to get out of bed in the morning, too.

Easy Read Time Teacher Watch

from £19.95 (waterproof model £29.95)

The Time Teacher watches come in a rainbow of strap colours and two different modes: the 'Past-&-To' design helps children learn to tell the time in minutes past and to the hour with clear numbers and colours, and the '24-hour' design teaches kids 24-hour, "digital" time-keeping on a specially reworked clockface. Whatever stage in their time-learning journey your child is at, this is a fantastic first watch choice. Wall clocks and alarm clocks are also available.

24-Hour Number Line Clock

£12.50, Learning Resources

Help children understand that a clock is a circular number line with this innovative 24-Hour Number Line Clock teaching clock. It helps children learn to tell the time by attaching a number line to a clock face, as well as illustrating how 12-hour and 24-hour time are linked.

Give your child a headstart

Give your child a headstart

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