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Improve your child's handwriting in 8 weeks

Improve your child's handwriting pack
Handwriting is a crucial life skill, but how can you help your child write neatly and legibly? Our eight-week learning pack is packed with information and tips from handwriting experts, as well as fun and practical steps you can take to help your child put theory into practice.

Want to make a real difference to your child’s handwriting? Here’s what you’ll find in your pack:

  • An eight-week program of activities to help improve your child’s upper body strength, posture and pencil grip
  • A plain-English guide to letter formation, including ascenders and descenders
  • Multi-sensory writing techniques explained
  • How to support left-handed children
  • Parents’ common handwriting questions answered (covering everything from the importance of lined paper to Jedi writing)
  • Alphabet practice sheets 

Ready to put the theory in your learning pack into practice? Look through our complete handwriting offering for subscribers:

  • For young children (Reception and Y1) or older children who need to improve their handwriting download our Patterns playbook, a good introduction to patterning and first handwriting
  • We have 60+ handwriting worksheets on the site for you to browse through and download
  • Our step-by-step alphabet worksheets will take your child through each letter, with lots of practice opportunities

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