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Y6 SATs enrichment activities

Y6 SATs enrichment activities, TheSchoolRun
SATs have become synonymous with drilling and fact-based learning and children can find them boring and sometimes even demoralising to prepare for. This learning pack is a collection of enrichment activities aimed at getting children to use their imaginations and think about test management and success in a very different way.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 6

For the able, creative child a test or question presents a major difficulty and that is one of choice. For some people an appropriate answer to a question is immediate and forthcoming; for others one question begets more questions, all interesting and all to be evaluated. For those children, success in exams will be achieved through developing their understanding of the question and answer process, excellent time management and creative problem-solving.

In this learning pack, in addition to knowledge and understanding, your child will have the opportunity to practise their process skills: how to engage with a problem, how to solve it using an appropriate method and how to interpret and reflect the outcomes.

There is no “right” or “wrong” answer for the activities; use them as a starting point to engage your child, developing creativity and independent learning.


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TheSchoolRun offers lots of other information and advice to help you challenge your child and expand their intellectual horizons, from writing projects to brain-boosting challenges, maths puzzles and word games.

'Thanks so much for developing the resources for bright children sitting the KS2 SATs in May. My eldest is in a special group working in greater depth towards her English KS2 SATs, hoping for a high level mark, so these will come in super-handy in supporting her learning - thank you!' – Kirsty Greer on Facebook

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