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Summer brain-boosting challenges

Summer brain-boosting challenges learning pack
Juggle fruit. Work on the technology of the future. Plot and design a lost city, create a zoo of invented animals, learn to talk sdrawkcab and bake a pizza clock and a pastry map. How many of our wonderful brain-boosting challenges can you fit into your summer? All you need are some art materials, imagination and an enquiring mind to have a go at a whole host of practical and reflective activities, suitable for primary-school children (and parents, of course). Have fun!

Our Summer brain-boosting challenges learning pack has been designed to stimulate interest in the world, enrich learning and stretch children's brains over the holidays. Educational activitist and former head-teacher John Senior has compiled a cornucopia of activities to try (no special equipment needed), so get started today! You could:

  • Compile a travel-diary hoax
  • Be a geometrical gourmet
  • Make a weather station
  • Grow carrots in a Wellington boot
  • Walk to Anchorage, Alaska (without leaving home)
  • Produce tiny books 
  • Invent local artists and artwork

... and loads more! All the activities are linked to the national curriculum.

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