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Thinkalink! - TheSchoolRun
Publication type: eBook

Using hilarious ‘links’ to help your child remember how to spell any word, Thinkalink! will take them from mixing up letters to spelling even the most difficult words.

Spelling enthusiast Andy Salmon (or Sir Linkalot, as you’ll come to know him) will show you and your child how to create quick and funny rhymes that put the letters in a word in the correct formation, making them far easier to remember. This fantastic book is packed with more than a thousand links to get you started, and a super simple guide to creating your own.

The linking technique, based on mnemonics but upgraded for the 21st century, is a fast and funny guide to spelling. By creating rhymes that put letters in the correct formation, linking can be applied to any and every word. Whether your child is just starting to learn to spell, is a struggling learner or is striding forwards in the gifted and talented group, they will all love learning these clever and pithy links. As spelling correctly is a life skill, this book is ideal for children and parents alike.


Because schools often lack the time and resources to teach spelling at an individual level, it is important for parents to know how to help children struggling with spelling. And here at TheSchoolRun we believe Sir Linkalot's method is perfect for use with an individual child and ideal for a home setting – it doesn't feel like homework or extra tuition because it’s so much fun.

Spelling is animportant skill that your child will need throughout their education. Not grasping spelling and feeling confident in learning to spell new words will lead to your child narrowing their vocabulary when writing – through primary education, and into secondary school and beyond – using only words they are sure of. The fact is, children who are shaky spellers are not naughty or lazy; they are usually unhappy and nervous when they have to write and worried stiff about not 'getting it'. Thinkalink! offers an innovative, original and tried-and-tested technique that could change your child's experience of learning to spell words correctly forever.

Published reviews:

"Andy's assembly and subsequent workshops brightened up a dull February morning, and gave the girls some intriguing new strategies for remembering facts. Linking has taken on a whole new meaning in their vocabulary." 
Susie Worthington, headmistress at Haberdashers Aske for Girls, Junior School

“As a Head of Learning Support, I am always on the lookout for ways to help children improve spelling and 'tame' demon words. Linking has not only enabled many of my pupils to do just that, but by creating their own links it helps put them in control of their learning and contribute to the learning of others. They derive great pleasure from finding a link and trying it out on a friend. The addition of drawing or illustrating their links also contributes to the multisensory nature of the learning experience linking offers.” 
Bronnie Kenchington, SENCO, Queen Elizabeth Hospital School, Bristol. B.Ed & Masters in Special Needs

"Thinkalink! is one of the most innovative and refreshing new concepts to come on the market. Some of the principles of how it works are not new, but what Thinkalink! does is push those spelling and memory techniques to levels that other programmes daren’t tackle. Thinkalink! is helping dyslexic children to develop their own ‘links’ and strategies to deal with the big, complicated words as well as throwing some light on the smaller 'usual suspects'. I didn't think it would ever be possible to teach a dyslexic child or adult how to spell ‘diarrhoea’ or ‘haemorrhage’ – until now, that is. And that’s just the spelling element of Thinkalink!. There is also the memory booster for historical details, meaning of words, and more, all remembered by ‘linking’. You can compete with others on line to find the best ‘link’ too. A fantastic new tool for the specialist teacher’s tool box."
Barbara Yandell, The Dyslexia Association