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Y3 problem-solving: addition

Y3 problem-solving: addition worksheet
Use this teacher-created worksheet to help your Year 3 child practise their problem-solving skills with addition. Can you solve these tricky word problems using your addition skills?
Keystage:  KS2, Year 3


What are problem-solving skills in Year 3 maths? 

In Year 3 maths, children will begin to develop problem-solving skills that involve applying mathematical concepts to real-world situations and puzzles. 

Here are some key problem-solving skills that are typically emphasised at this stage:

  • Understanding the problem: reading carefully and grasping what's being asked.
  • Identifying relevant information: picking out important numbers and relationships between the numbers.
  • Choosing appropriate strategies: selecting the best method for solving the problem.
  • Breaking down the problem: dividing complex problems into smaller parts.
  • Trial and error: experimenting with different approaches.
  • Verbalising and communicating solutions: expressing their ideas and thought process.
  • Reflecting on solutions: evaluating outcomes and considering alternatives.

How will this Year 3 problem-solving worksheet help your child?

This downloadable PDF worksheet for Year 3 problem-solving was created by a seasoned educator with the purpose of helping children practise their problem-solving skills in relation to addition. They will need to use their addition skills to solve the real-world problems provided. 

Once they're feeling confident with their addition problem-solving skills, they can move onto our Y3 problem-solving: division activity or our Y3 problem-solving: subtraction worksheet. 

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