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Literacy Homework Helper

Literacy Homework Helper
Publication type: eBook

Literacy – reading, writing and thinking about the written word – is hugely important to your child’s primary school education and additional support at home is vital to ensure their success. If helping with English homework isn’t your forte, the Literacy Homework Helper will be a reference guide you’ll refer back to constantly.

Summary of contents:

Literacy Homework Helper covers the ins and outs of reading, writing and spelling as they are taught in the primary national curriculum. Whether you are trying to help with a specific piece of homework, your child has a problem with a topic they’ve covered at school, or you just want to give an extra boost at home to their literacy learning, this resource is designed for you to be able to quickly find relevant information for you and practical ideas and activities to help your child from Reception to Year 6, under the three distinct umbrellas of reading, writing and spelling.


The Reading section focuses on the following areas:
• Understanding different types of texts including fiction, non-fiction and poetry
• Syntax
• Context
• Vowels and consonants
• Sounding out words/phonics
The book also has tips for reluctant and dyslexic readers, as well as seven sure-fire ways to turn your child in to a bookworm.


To help your child with their writing at home you’ll find practical explanations and examples covering:
• Sentences
• Connectives
• Phonemes
• Phonics
• Punctuation
• Plurals
• Prefixes and suffixes
• Syllables
• Tenses: present, past and future
• Handwriting


Spelling well is the foundation of both confident writing and enjoyable reading. Understand everything your child needs to know in the following sections:
• Using phonics to spell
• Understanding spelling patterns
• Roots and word families
• Strategies for spelling new, unfamiliar or difficult words

Whether your child is in Reception and just starting to learn about phonics, in Year 3 and learning about prefixes and suffixes or in Year 6 and needs to refresh their understanding of tenses, this comprehensive book will arm you with the knowledge you need to support your child’s learning at home.