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Child picking crayons Tina Floersch unsplash
Is your child left-handed (and does it matter)?
With 90% of the world made up of right-handers, how does being left-handed affect learning at school? Hetty Walton, mum to left-handed daughter Isobel, 11, investigates.
Home habits to boost your child's school performance
5 surprising home habits that affect your child’s learning
What are the very best ways to support your child's learning and help them reach their full potential? In an extract from their handbook, A Parent’s Guide to The Science of Learning, Edward Watson and Bradley Busch suggest practical ways to help your child improve how they think, feel and behave in school, all backed by psychological research.
Best laptops for secondary school
Best laptops for secondary school
Thinking of investing in a laptop for your Year 7 child? We asked computing students Tom and Noah to test a few different secondary school laptop options so you can get the best model your budget allows and set your child up for efficient homework and remote learning (at the right price!).
Keeping your child motivated with home learning
Keeping up the momentum with home learning
Struggling to keep your child on track with their home learning? Try these techniques for giving their motivation a boost.
Best literacy resources
Best literacy resources
Whether your child is just learning to read and print letters or looking for ways to put their creative writing skills to the test, we've rounded up some fantastic resources to help them practise phonics, grammar, story-writing and comic-creating at home. Plus there are loads of different ways to connect with authors and listen to stories.
Helping your child learn online
9 tips for helping your child learn online
As children’s learning becomes increasingly internet-based, we ask the experts for their advice on primary school online learning.
Best home learning websites for kids
12 of the best home learning websites for kids
We've rounded up some of our favourite online resources to support your child's learning at home.
11 top tips for working at home while your child is off school
11 top tips for combining home education with working from home
Whether you're juggling your job and your child's learning during ongoing school disruptions or have chosen to home educate alongside working, read our advice and parents’ tips for combining homeworking and looking after your child.
How to structure your day during homeschooling
How to structure your day during homeschooling
Teacher Jennifer Smith shares her advice on how to help your child learn and structure your day when your child is temporarily out of school and learning from home.
Help your child learn to learn
Help your child learn to learn
Everybody learns differently, and many children struggle with traditional approaches to studying. Barbara Oakley and Terrence Sejnowski, authors of Learning How to Learn: A Guide for Kids and Teens, shine a light on creative (but neuroscience-backed) methods to help your child learn and think about learning differently.
Fake news spotting for kids
How to help your child spot fake news
How good is your child at telling what’s true and what isn’t? We take a look at how to help them develop digital literacy and identifying "fake news" in our connected world.
Teachers' tips for homework
Teachers’ tricks for helping with homework
Fed up of fighting about homework? We asked the real experts – experienced teachers – how they help their own children with their home learning.
Homework help that works
Could helping your child with homework actually hinder their learning?
What are the right – and wrong – ways to help with homework? We take a look at how to offer the most effective sort of parental support.
What is a learning log?
What is a learning log?
Learning logs are growing in popularity in primary schools, giving children more control over their learning. We take a look at what's involved.
Child and parent research on the computer
How to help your child develop research skills
Knowing how to use books and the internet for research is a vital skill for KS2 pupils. We explain how to help your primary-school child.
Family homework time
How to help a perfectionist child
We all want our kids to do well at school, but what if they’re setting themselves unrealistic standards? We take a look at the problem of perfectionism.
Secondary school homework a guide for parents
The parents' guide to secondary school: homework
The amount of homework your child has to do will increase dramatically when they start secondary school. We explain what's involved.
Primary children in the classroom
5 reasons kids hate maths – and what you can do about it
Does your child dread their maths lessons and end up in tears over homework? We take a look at what’s going wrong, and how you can help.
Spelling letters
9 strategies for learning primary school spellings
If learning spellings always ends in tears and tantrums, trying another technique could help make it a less stressful process. We've rounded up the best methods to try.
Child doing homework
Pre-teens and homework: how to survive
Struggling to get your KS2 child to focus on their homework? We reveal the strategies that could take the stress out of homework time.
Supporting EAL learners
Supporting your child at primary school if English isn’t your first language
Many parents find helping with school work challenging, and it can be even harder if you're not a native English speaker. So how can you help your child to do their best?
Study skills for kids
How to help your child develop study skills
Learning how to study, complete homework projects and revise is essential as your child moves towards the end of primary school. We asked the experts for their advice on getting into good work habits. By Lucy Dimbylow
Beginner's guide to primary-school homework
The beginner's guide to primary-school homework
How much homework should your child get in primary school, how often is it set, and what should you do if he’s getting too much – or none at all? We asked teachers for their insights on how to manage the home-school learning most effectively.
Writing a book report
Book reports: what parents need to know
Helping your child engage with their reading matter and improve their literacy skills, book reports are a homework staple. So what’s involved, and how can you make them easier for your child? Lucy Dimbylow explains.
Playing with Scrabble letters
Simple ways to make spellings fun
If your child’s spellings have become the bane of your week-end it’s time to take a look at how you tackle the weekly-test challenge. Teacher Phoebe Doyle offers 10 suggestions to help make spelling practice more playful than stressful.
Dad doing homework with child and toddler
Siblings and homework: how to survive
Does your pre-schooler play havoc during his older sibling’s homework time? Is getting the reading, writing and spelling done a military operation every evening? Lucy Dimbylow asked experts and mums for their coping strategies.
Child typing on a computer keyboard
How to keep your child safe online
With technology advancing faster and faster, parents are finding it more and more difficult to stay on top of how their children are using the internet. We spoke to mum and internet-safety guru Pamela Whitby about what you can do to protect your child online.
Unusual ways to help with spelling
5 unusual ways to help with spelling
Help your children improve their spelling skills with games and activities that build word-savviness in fun and interesting ways.
Mother helping son with homework
9 homework help tips from real parents
Does your child struggle to settle down during homework time? Parents share their favourite tips on motivating their children through it and helping them concentrate on tricky concepts.
Boy puzzling over book
A maths homework help guide for KS1 and KS2
Maths is not always a popular subject with children. But with these handy tips and downloadable worksheets, it can become a lot more fun.
Page of maths work
How to help with maths homework: a non-expert's guide
Maths is one subject that fills many parents with dread - but is it really so hard? We talk to author and deputy head teacher Matt Revill to find out how parents can help their children's maths learning.
Girl struggling with reading
Homework tips for children with dyslexia
The British Dyslexia Association shares tips to help make doing homework a calm and productive process for your dyslexic child.
Easy ways to engage your child with maths
Easy ways to engage your child with maths
Do the words “I need help with my maths homework” strike fear into your heart? Our tried-and-tested tips from maths experts will help change your child’s attitude to numbers – and yours
Boy studying a map
Simple strategies to end the homework wars
Do battles over homework leave you – and your children – seething? Moira Holden looks at ways to make homework time run more smoothly.
Maths addition number sentences on the blackboard
Three tips to help your child with maths
Giving your child too much help with their maths work can be detrimental to their learning, but it’s still good to show your support. Read on for top tips and techniques to get your child learning maths independently.
10 top tips for helping your child with homework
Helping your child with homework may bring you out in a cold sweat, but parent coach Sue Atkins has some indispensable tips for making homework a positive experience for all of you.
Little girl with stacks of books
How to create a good homework/life balance
School and homework can take up a large portion of every day. In addition, more hours are dedicated to extra-curricular classes after school and at weekends. As much as many children love learning, they need down time too. Camilla Chafer investigates how you can strike a balance.
Dad doing homework with his children
How to help your child with their homework
Homework is the bane of many parents’ lives. Whether it’s getting your child to sit down and get on with it or knowing how to help them, Camilla Chafer finds out how to get good homework habits in place.
Girl in library
Why a homework club could work for your child
Is getting homework done a constant struggle? An after-school homework club could be the solution, says Moira Holden
Child working hard
Children's learning: How hard should you push your child?
Do you worry about getting the balance right between your children's learning and play? Read on for our advice.