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Introduction to algebra

Introduction to algebra worksheet
Use this teacher-created, Year 6 resource to help your child understand what algebra is and practise solving algebra questions.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 6, 11 Plus


What is algebra?

Algebra is like solving puzzles with letters instead of just numbers. We use these letters to stand for numbers we don't know yet, and then we do maths operations to figure out what those numbers are.

Think of algebra as a tool that helps you solve puzzles involving numbers. Instead of working with specific numbers, we use letters like x, y, and z to represent unknown values. We then use rules and techniques to manipulate these symbols in equations to find out what those values are.

How is algebra taught in primary school?

In primary school, algebra is introduced gradually and typically starts with basic concepts that lay the foundation for more advanced algebraic skills in later years. 

Children are introduced to the concept of variables, which are usually represented by letters such as x, y, and z. They learn that these variables can represent unknown numbers or quantities. For example, they might see simple equations like x + 3 = 7 and they need figure out what x is by creating other equations that will help (7 - 3 = 4, so replace x with 4). 

Teachers sometimes use objects or visual aids to help children understand algebra. For instance, they might use blocks or pictures to represent variables and numbers in equations. This hands-on approach helps children grasp the idea of representing unknown quantities symbolically.

How will this introduction to algebra worksheet help my child?

This colourful algebra worksheet, created by an experienced educator, provides clear explanations and examples with plenty of opportunity for your child to practice what they've learned and consolidate their algebra knowledge – building their confidence and helping them succeed in the classroom. 

For more practice and to build on existing skills, try our Simple algebra problems worksheet  or our Using simple algebra tutorial

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