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Simple algebra problems

Simple algebra problems worksheet
Find the missing numbers and calculate the value of x in these simple algebra questions. Remember to use BODMAS to answer these KS2 algebra problems!
Keystage:  KS2, Year 6


KS2 algebra: What will your child be taught at primary school?

In Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 11), children are introduced to some basic algebra concepts. Here are some ways that algebra is taught in schools:

  • Using letters for numbers (such as the letter x when the value is unknown)
  • Making and solving simple maths sentences (such as 2x + 5) 
  • Solving puzzles (finding the missing number)
  • Finding patterns (exploring number patterns and sequences)
  • Using maths in stories (using algebra in everyday life)
  • Balancing equations (understanding that both sides of an equation need to be balanced)

What will you find in this KS2 simple algebra worksheet?

Our KS2 algebra worksheet provides a structured approach to learning algebra, making it accessible and enjoyable. It is tailored to meet the curriculum standards and created by teachers. 

This is a great activity for laying a strong foundation for algebra. Your child will be asked to figure out what the missing number is (by using BODMAS) and then to discover the value of X. Examples and answers are provided, so you will have everything you need to help your child practise algebra.