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Cool maths games for kids

Cool Maths Games for kids learning pack
Add an extra learning dimension to family game time – try one of our Cool Maths board games and help reinforce your child's knowledge of number bonds, percentages and fractions while you play. Compiled by deputy headteacher Matt Revill and packed with 20 games, this maths learning pack covers all the key skills your child will need to master as part of the primary numeracy curriculum.

Trying to make maths enjoyable for your child? Make a cup of tea, print out a board game (or two) and settle down for some cozy, round-the-kitchen-table fun your children will be asking you to make time for. As well as play value, each game offers huge learning opportunities, so pick a skill to revise, print out the game rules, board and counters and get playing!

All these games are available in your Cool Maths Games pack:

3D Shape Challenge
How many faces on a cube? How many vertices on a cylinder? After a few rounds of this clever 3D shapes version of Top Trumps, your child will know the properties of every shape in the pack.

Bone Yard Bill
Use this fun board game to help your child become confident in the basics of place value.

Capacity Matching Pairs
A maths version of snap to ensure your child knows how to read the scales on measuring cylinders.

Cowboy Cards
Make them trigger-fast at mental maths. They'll be the fastest at adding and subtracting in town!

Fraction Fun
A card-matching game to help revise unit fractions.

Fraction Tic Tac Toe
Ready steady go! Revise your fractions with Tic Tac Toe!

Hop on Home
This colourful froggy boardgame is a fun way of helping younger children become fluent with number bonds to 20.

Launch Pad
A great game for children in Years 4 and 5 who need to be able to halve large numbers and say whether they're odd or even. First one to blast off wins!

Telling the Time Game
Tick tock, tick tock. Use this snakes and ladders time game to make learning to tell the time a lot more fun than just staring at a watch!

The Weights Game
Some children find weights confusing. Boost their confidence in their measuring skills with this fast-action board game.

The Length Game
A clever twist on snakes and ladders. Rulers at the ready everyone, it's time to practise your measuring skills!

Money Matters
Practise money maths and coin recognition with this fun little board game.

Odd and Even Racer
On your marks, get set, go! Get your car counters zooming around the track and revise your odds and evens as you go.

Percentage to Decimal Runner Game
Quick! What's the decimal equivalent of 15%? The first one to the finish line's the winner...

Rounding Garages
Rounding numbers up to the nearest 10 is a key skill in maths. But who'd have thought it could be this much fun – with a set of cars and garages?

Shape Dominoes
These beautiful dominoes will help younger children know their squares from their hexagons.

Space Battle
Your children will want to play this game because it's so much fun. But it will also be ensuring they're a dab hand at coordinates.

Space Warp
What's 4.265891 rounded to two decimal places? Work out the answer and get your space ship home, but watch out for the wormholes!

Stock the Shop
Little children will love counting out the apples and pears into their baskets – while practising their counting skills.

Swim For It
This fishy fun for youngsters will help them learn their number bonds to 10 in no time.

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