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Your free SATs downloads KS1 and KS2

Free KS1 and KS2 SATs revision advice and resources
Get your free SATs past papers, downloads and advice and information to help support your KS1 and KS2 child in the Y2 and Y6 tests here.

SATs don't have to be trying. With the right preparation, your child will understand what is expected of them and what they have to do. Get a head start with these free SATs papers available to you now.

Which free SATs papers are available to me for KS1?

KS1 SATs will be made non-statutory (so schools will be able to choose whether to administer them or not) from September 2023. 

The 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022 and 2023 KS1 SATs papers are available for free download from TheSchoolRun:

These papers mirror the new curriculum and this is the format KS1 SATs have followed since 2016.

TheSchoolRun has also produced five new-style KS1 SATs practice papers for subscribers.

"Old-style" SATs assessment used in schools until May 2015 are also available: KS1 English 2003 and 2004 and KS1 maths 2003 and 2004 papers are available for free download. 

Why aren't there more KS1 papers available to parents?

The new KS1 SATs were introduced in 2016, so there aren't many past papers available yet!

Before 2016, new KS1 papers weren't developed every year. New papers were written in 2007 and 2009, but they were still used for testing children in UK schools until May 2015 so they are not available online.

If you're looking for more SATs resources for your Year 2 child, TheSchoolRun has commissioned KS1 SATs practice papers, written by a primary school teacher and exclusive to TheSchoolRun subscribers, which you can use to help your child prepare for the tests.

We also offer a KS1 SATs Learning Journey, a collection of fun revision worksheets and activities for maths and English.

For details of what is tested in the Y2 assessments read our guides to KS1 maths SATs and KS1 English SATs.

For an overview of KS1 SATs read our parents' guide, Your KS1 SATs questions answered.

Details of the new-style KS1 SATs assessment are available in our article KS1 SATs: what parents need to know.

Which free SATS papers are available to me for KS2?

Free KS2 English, maths and science papers from 2003 to 2022 are available to download now, though the pre-2016 papers are "old-style" papers and don't reflect the new curriculum. Use these to help your child get used to how the tests are administered. A new-style SATs test for KS2 was introduced in May 2016

The latest SATs papers, KS2 English 2022 SATs and KS2 maths 2022 SATs, can be downloaded and printed for free to offer your child some at-home practice.

We also offer a KS2 SATs Learning Journey, a collection of 80 worksheets and activities to help your child practise and revise in preparation for the Y6 tests.

What help and advice does TheSchoolRun have about SATs?

Getting through SATs isn't just about practising past papers, it's about supporting and encouraging your child in the run up to SATs and then coping with the cool-down period after.

So, we have articles with all the information about SATs you’ll need, from memory skills and revision to problem solving and how to use an English SATs past paper or a KS2 maths SATs practice paper; just check out our bank of great SATs articles.

We also keep parents up to date with the changes in SATs testing (particularly at KS2); get a snapshot of how the current KS2 SATs will work, including the new KS2 Grammar, punctuation and spelling test, with our update. Practice materials to help your child prepare for the new 'SPAG' test are available exclusively to TheSchoolRun subscribers.

Don't forget, there are hundreds more free educational downloads, worksheets and ‘printables’ available to you on the site to help you support your child's learning at primary school and revise for SATs. And in our subscribers' area, you’ll find extra resources to help with exam preparation. 

Optional SATs in Y3, Y4 and Y5

Some children sit "optional" SATs at the end of Y3, Y4 and Y5 to help their teacher assess their progress in the school year. For more information about optional SATs, and to download past papers for optional English SATs and optional maths SATs, read our parents' guide, Optional SATs explained.

Give your child a headstart

Give your child a headstart

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