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Key Stage 2 - 2011 Maths SATs Papers

KS2 2011 Maths SATs paper
Download and print this complete set of maths SATs papers from 2011 and the associated mark scheme to assist your child in preparing for the Y6 tests.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 6

Click on the link to download the complete 2011 Maths SATs papers pack.

These papers, along with the mark scheme which shows you exactly how the papers are marked and how to answer the questions to get top results, will help your child to be prepared and confident for when they sit the national tests.

The test includes the following papers:

  • Maths Test A
  • Maths Test B
  • Mental Maths Test

The test papers have been merged into one easy download for you. You can also download the answers and marking scheme to help you identify any areas your child might need extra support with.

These are the 'old-style' SATs papers, taken by children up to 2015. In 2016, children began to sit new SATs papers reflecting the new National Curriculum. However, these past papers can still be used to give your child exam practice.

Get the most from your child's SATs practice time by reading our guide to using maths past papers at home, finding out how KS2 SATs are being administered this year and looking through all our teachers' advice and tips to help you support your child at home in the run-up to the Y6 tests.

For information about SATs for Y2 children read our beginner's guide, Your KS1 SATs questions answered.

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