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Key Stage 1 - 2003 English SATs Papers

Key Stage 1 - 2003 English SATs Papers
Download and print this complete set of English SATs papers from 2003 to assist your child in preparing for the tests.
Keystage:  KS1, Year 2

These papers make up the 2003 English SATs exam for Key Stage 1. These are the "old-style" SATs papers, used up until 2015. However, these past papers can still be used for exam practice.

Since 2016, a new-format KS1 SATs test has been administered in English schools.

The papers include the following:

  • Reading test booklet - Sunflowers
  • Reading booklet - Grandfather's pencil
  • Reading booklet - The Midhampton Museum
  • Spelling Test
  • Poster 1 - Useful words
  • Posters 2 - Billy's Sunflower

The papers have been merged into one download for you.

You can also download the teachers' booklet for guidance about the test and for the answers and marking scheme.