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Reading comprehension: The goblin’s curse

Reading comprehension: The goblin’s curse
A KS2, Year 6 reading comprehension worksheet created by an experienced teacher for your child to practise at home.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 6


How do you teach reading comprehension skills in Year 6? 

Teaching reading comprehension skills at home for Year 6 children can be done effectively with a combination of activities and fostering a love for reading. 

Here are some of our tips for teaching reading comprehension skills to a Year 6 child:

Set a reading routine:

  • Establish a regular reading schedule at home. Encourage your child to read for a certain amount of time each day, whether it's a specific number of pages or a set time limit.

Model good reading habits:

  • Let your child see you reading for pleasure. Talk about what you're reading and why you enjoy it. Modelling positive reading habits can inspire your child to develop a love for reading. 

Encourage active reading:

  • Teach your child to engage with the text while reading. Encourage them to ask questions, make predictions, and visualise what they're reading. Discussing the text together can deepen their understanding and critical thinking skills. 

Use comprehension strategies:

  • Teach your child specific comprehension strategies such as summarising, predicting, questioning, and making connections. Model how to use these strategies while reading together and encourage your child to practice them independently.

How will this Year 6 reading comprehension help my child?

This teacher-created, Year 6 reading comprehension worksheet was designed to develop your child's comprehension skills. There are three extracts from the Goblin's Curse, followed by a set of questions that will encourage your child to think about the elements of the text and reflect on what they've read. 

This is perfect practise for what they learn at school or for tests with reading comprehension questions. 

For more help with Year 6 English topics, check out our hub, or try another reading comprehension challenge such as Reading comprehension: The Great Fire of London. 



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