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Reading comprehension activity: biography of Winston Churchill

Reading comprehension: a biography of Winston Churchill
This KS2 reading comprehension activity was created by an experienced teacher to help build your primary-school child's comprehension strategies and skills.

Winston Churchill is an important figure in history because he was Prime Minister of Britain during the Second World War. Read this biography and then see if you can answer the questions.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 6

What does reading comprehension mean?

Reading comprehension is all about understanding what you read. It's not just about knowing what the words mean, but also understanding the bigger picture – like the main idea and the little details that support it. Good readers can figure out what the text is really saying, even if it's not spelled out directly. This skill is super important in school and in life because it helps you learn new things, understand the world around you, and communicate with others effectively.

How are reading comprehension activities and strategies taught at primary school?

Reading comprehension activities and strategies are typically taught in primary school through a variety of interactive and engaging methods, tailored to the developmental level of young learners. 

Here are some common approaches:

  • Explicit instruction: teachers directly teach specific reading comprehension strategies, such as predicting, summarising, questioning, and visualising. They model how to use these strategies while reading aloud and guide children in practising them independently.
  • Guided reading: children participate in small group reading sessions with the teacher, who provides support and instruction tailored to their individual needs. During guided reading, students engage in discussions about the text, answer questions, and practise comprehension strategies.
  • Shared reading: teachers read aloud to the whole class, using rich and engaging texts. They pause to discuss the text, ask questions, and model comprehension strategies, encouraging children to participate actively in the reading process.
  • Independent reading: children have opportunities to read independently at their own level and pace. They may choose books that interest them and apply comprehension strategies they have learned while reading. 

How will this KS2 reading comprehension activity help your child?

This KS2 reading comprehension was created by an experienced educator and reflects the same structure that your child will be familiar with at school. You will be provided with an extract, a glossary of terms and several questions aimed at encouraging your child to think deeper about the text and practise those important comprehension skills. 

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