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Commas revision

Commas revision worksheet
A useful commas worksheet for KS2 children, created by an experienced educator.

Commas are used to separate parts of a sentence (they are usually inserted before a connective, but not always). They are also used when lists of adjectives are put before a noun. They are also used on either side of a drop-in clause. Put the commas in where you think they should go in this passage.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 5, 11 Plus

What are the rules for using commas? 

In primary school, children start learning about commas. Commas help make sentences clear and fun to read. Here are some simple rules about using commas that your child will learn:

  • Lists: commas help separate things in a list. For instance: I love ice cream, cake and cookies. 
  • Describing: if you're describing something with more than one word, such as the big, fluffy cat, use a comma between the adjectives (or describing) words.
  • Starting sentences: when you start a sentence with an introductory phrase or clause, such as After school, or In the morning, you need a comma after it.
  • Combining sentences: when you have two sentences that you want to put together using words like and, but, or so, you'll need a comma before those words.
  • Talking to someone: when you're talking directly to someone or something in a sentence, you use a comma. For instance, "Hi, Mum!"

How will this commas revision worksheet help my KS2 child? 

This teacher-created resource reminds your child of some of the basic comma rules, with a clear example and fun activity to help consolidate their understanding and prepare them for comma activities at school. 

Use TheSchoolRun to find more information about commas or challenge your child with our Proofreading: adding commas worksheet.

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