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Percentage problem

Percentage problem worksheet
A Year 6 maths worksheet created by a teacher to help your child practise percentage word problems at home.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 6, 11 Plus


What are percentage word problems in primary school maths?

Percentage word problems in primary school maths are math problems that involve finding a part of a whole, where the part is represented as a percentage of the whole. These problems help children understand and apply the concept of percentages in real-world situations.

Example: What is 25% of 40?

Convert 25% to a decimal (0.25), then multiply by 40.

25% of 40 is 10

How will this percentage word problem worksheet help your primary school child? 

This percentage word problems worksheet was created by an experienced educator to help your child practise solving percentage word problems at home. Your child is presented with a real-world scenario of scores for a bowling contest and they must answer questions based on the results. 

For more help with percentages, visit our hub page, or try a new challenge such as our Calculating percentages worksheet. 

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