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Interpreting a pie chart worksheets

Displaying information as a pie chart worksheet
Our downloadable pie chart worksheets are designed to help children understand data on whole numbers, fractions and percentages. This worksheet guides your child through the process of interpreting data represented in pie charts and encourages them to create their own.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 6, 11 Plus


Our pie chart worksheets are based on a variety of engaging themes to keep learning interesting and they are designed by teachers to meet the needs of children throughout KS2.

You can use these worksheets to improve your child's understanding of data representation in fractions or percentages and develop their ability to draw their own pie charts. 

Remember, the key to mastering data interpretation is practice, and our pie chart worksheets provide the perfect opportunity. 

What is in this pie chart worksheet?

In this worksheet, you will find a table that shows the favourite colours of fictional children from Class E. Your child will need to display this information as a pie chart. 

You can complement this resource with our handy worksheet on How to construct a pie chart to consolidate your child's learning. 

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