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Daily email programme
How the daily learning programme works
Whether you're taking your child out of school for a period, setting out on your home education journey or simply looking for extra activities to boost your child's learning, here's why the daily learning programme could be the right fit for you...
Nursery maths: what your child learns
What your child learns in Nursery maths
Times tables and long division may be a way off, but the basic numeracy skills your child begins to learn in Nursery will lay the foundations for the years ahead.
Best numeracy home schooling resources
Best numeracy home education resources
Boost your child's confidence with all aspects of maths with our pick of the best home education numeracy resources: games, hands-on activities, video explanations, online lessons and downloadable workbooks, all available to access for free.
Year 6 maths and English key topics for home education
Year 6 maths and English key topics for home education
If you've decided to home educate your Y6 child or spend more time supporting their learning from home, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed because your (not so) little person is set to start secondary school in September and you want to make sure they’re in a really good place academically. Don't panic! Phoebe Duffy (mum, teacher and education writer), shares her advice for home-schoolers.
Year 5 maths and English key skills for home learning
Year 5 maths and English: how to support your child at home
Teacher and parent Phoebe Duffy highlights seven key maths and English skills to focus on with your Year 5 child, helping them have a successful year at school.
7 English and maths focus areas for Year 4 home learning
7 English and maths focus areas for Year 4 children
Teacher, education writer and mum Phoebe Duffy shares her tips about what to focus on with Year 4 children to support their learning at home.
Year 3 home learning: 7 key areas to focus on
Supporting your Year 3 child's learning at home
We all want to support our children's learning in the best way possible, so we asked mum-of-three Phoebe Duffy, an experienced primary school teacher and education writer, what to focus on with your Year 3 child to ensure that you're consolidating what they're working on at school.
6 key areas for Reception home learning
6 key areas for supporting your Reception child's learning
Primary teacher and parent Jennifer Smith shares six key areas and skills to work on at home with your Reception child, supporting what they're learning at school.
7 key areas for Year 1 home learning
7 key areas for supporting your Year 1 child with maths and English
Primary-school teacher, education writer and mum of three Phoebe Duffy highlights the key skills children learn in Year 1, and how you support their learning at home.
Best algebra apps for kids
Best beginners’ algebra apps for kids
Help your child get to grips with the algebra concepts taught in primary school with apps that help to demystify mathematical equations.
Best UK money maths apps for children
Best money maths apps for kids
Help your child master calculating with UK coins and notes and learn the value of money with these useful money maths apps.
Best geometry apps for kids
Best shape and geometry apps for kids
Whether your child is just learning the difference between a square and a rectangle or solving complex algebraic problems, these apps will help them get to grips with shape and geometry.
Best decimal apps for kids
Best decimals apps for kids
Help your child learn about decimals and how to use them and calculate with them with these brilliant learning apps.
Best subtraction apps for kids
Best subtraction apps for kids
Help your child build their confidence, speed and accuracy with subtraction with these games-based maths apps that'll make learning fun.
Best times tables apps for kids
Best times tables apps for kids
Help your child become a times tables whizz with apps that will build their accuracy, speed and fluency.
Best maths board games for children
Best maths board games for children
Looking for an engaging way to practise maths concepts and skills? Try a mathematical board game! Whether your child is learning about times tables or place value, addition or square roots, there's a family-friendly board game to try. Get ready to roll the dice...
Best maths activity books for kids
Best maths books for kids
Crack codes, learn maths tricks, unlock the secrets of nature (hint: they're mathematical!), marvel at number facts and learn to build a spaceship – just a few of the maths-master skills imparted by these books, our pick of the best maths titles for kids.
Best times tables games and tools
Best times tables learning tools
"Times tables practice"... words guaranteed to make any primary-school parent's heart sink. Make multiplication tables learning a little less painful and a little more effective with our pick of the best games, apps, songs and tools on the market.
Maths games to play at home
Five fun maths activities to try at home
From board games to baking, we’ve rounded up the best ways to get your child practising their maths skills without even realising.
Best counting books for children
Best counting books for children
Counting and sequencing numbers correctly is a big part of early maths. We've picked some brilliant mathematical story books to help support your child's learning at home with vibrant illustrations, memorable characters and great narratives.
Maths card games for primary-school children
10 ways playing cards helps children with maths
Fancy a quick game of cards? Studies show cognitive benefits to play and card games teach children new strategies for using mathematical information, categorising patterns, sequencing and sorting. Last but not least, this is numeracy practice the whole family will enjoy (though things might get a bit competitive... beware!). Kate Yelland asked maths teachers and experts why sitting down with a pack of cards and a primary-school child is definitely playing your cards right.
Primary-school numeracy glossary
Primary numeracy glossary for parents
From area to word problems, TheSchoolRun's primary-school numeracy glossary offers a complete guide to all the maths concepts children are taught in EYFS, KS1 and KS2. Brush up on your own mathematical skills, clear up homework confusion and understand exactly what your child is learning at school by reading our basic definitions (with links to more detailed explanations, teachers' tips and examples).
Child with money in hands
6 steps to a money-savvy child
We all want our kids to have the very best future, and ensuring they’ve got money sense is crucial to help make it happen. Mum-of-two and financial whizz Emily Richards shares a few down-to-earth strategies to equip your child with money management skills for life.
Sum on blackboard
Learning numeracy at home
All around us are a wealth of mathematical problems just waiting to be solved. Here’s how to help your child extend their numeracy skills at home.
Financial section of newspaper
Maths for parents
You want to help your children with their maths learning, but what if it’s just as much of a struggle for you? Read on for top tips to help.
Child on a farm
Learning English and maths outdoors
The great outdoors is a place where learning can take diverse shapes and forms. We take a look at how you can use it to strengthen your child’s literacy and numeracy skills.