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Crack that code spelling rules puzzle pack

Crack that code spelling rules puzzle pack
It's time to save the world... one correct spelling at a time! Designed to help kids practise common KS2 spelling patterns and tricky words the fun way, the Crack that code spelling rules puzzle pack offers wordsearches, crosswords, puzzles and codes galore.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

Children learn lots of spelling patterns and rules in KS2. Make sure they stick (forever!) with our fun-filled, code-cracking spelling rules learning pack, written by primary-school teacher James Wrafter.

In your Crack that code spelling rules puzzle pack you'll find:

  • Villains to defeat
  • Missions to complete
  • Word puzzles to solve

... all presented in 90 pages of code-breaking spelling activities.

Spelling patterns and rules covered include:

  • Words with an /i/ sound spelled with a y
  • Words that have a suffix that requires the last consonant to be doubled
  • Words with an in-, dis- or mis- prefix that don't require the root word to be changed
  • Words that include the /sh/ sound, spelled /ch/
  • Words of French origin, where the /k/ sound is spelled que
  • Words that contain the /zhun/ sound, spelled with the -sion suffix
  • Words that end in the suffix -ly, where the original root word ended in -le
  • Words that have a /zh/ sound in them (spelled -sure)
  • Common homophones

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