Year 6 SATs


At the end of Year 6 your child is going to be sitting Key Stage 2 SATs.

In KS2 English SATs your child will be assessed on a range of reading skills, such as the ability to interpret information and comment on writers' use of language, and they’ll have to demonstrate accurate punctuation and an extensive vocabulary in a piece of writing.

In KS2 Maths SATs they’ll be tested on a range of core skills, including knowing all times tables and using them to divide and multiply, using a protractor to measure angles, calculating the perimeter and area of shapes, solving problems by collecting and using information in tables, graphs and charts and solving problems involving ratio and proportion.

You can support learning at home with our wide range of resources, including past KS2 English SATs papers and KS2 Maths SATs papers, practice papers and our KS2 SATs revision course. You’ll also find mock papers to support the new Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (SPAG) test.


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KS2 SATs in 2015: what parents need to know
KS2 SATs have changed completely over the last few years. We explain what is happening this year and what the new plans are for the Y6 assessments, including the new KS2 Grammar, punctuation and spelling test, following Lord Bew's review.
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Your free SATs downloads KS1 and KS2
Get your free SATs past papers, downloads and advice and information to help support your KS1 and KS2 child in the Y2 and Y6 tests here.
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What are level 6 SATs?
For the fourth year running, highly able children may be entered for the Level 6 SATs papers at the end of Y6 in 2015. But what do these tests involve, and how will your child need to prepare?


Key Stage 2 - 2013 English SATs Papers
Key Stage 2 - 2013 English SATs Papers
Help your child prepare for the English KS2 SATs, taken at the end of Year 6, with some practice at home. These complete Y6 SATs past papers from 2013 include the KS2 Grammar, punctuation and spelling test.
KS2 Maths SATs 2012 past papers
Key Stage 2 - 2012 Maths SATs Papers
Download and print this complete set of official maths SATs papers from 2012 and the answers and marking scheme to help your child in prepare for the Y6 tests with some at-home practice.
Key Stage 2 - 2013 LEVEL 6 Maths SATs Papers
Key Stage 2 - 2013 LEVEL 6 Maths SATs Papers
Level 6 KS2 maths SATs papers, free to download, from May 2013. Level 6 SATs are taken by very able children at the end of Year 6.
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Key Stage 2 SATS revision course

Be sure your child has covered all the learning objectives they are required to have mastered by the time they sit their Key Stage 2 SATs tests (in the Summer term of Year 6 respectively). Work through the course of worksheets that cover all the core topics that could come up in the English and maths tests to improve your child's chances of success and boost their confidence before SATs.

SPAG papers

Year 6 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (SPAG) test

Adverbs, clauses, correct punctuation and sentence analysis are all part of the new KS2 SATs Grammar, punctuation and spelling test that all Year 6 children now sit. Help your child revise in preparation for the May assessments with our practice papers, written in the style of the 'SPAG' test.

SATS eBook

SATs: Practice Makes Perfect

Our hugely popular SATs eBook is back in its fourth edition. SATs: Practice Makes Perfect has been written especially for all parents whose children are due to sit their SATs. In plain, straightforward language it tells you everything you need to know to help your child prepare for their exams, covering both Key Stage 1 and 2.

SATs learning pack

Your guide to KS2 SATs success

SATs tests in Year 6 can be a daunting prospect for teachers, parents and children. Give your child a head start with SATs preparation and boost their confidence about the exams with our guide, packed with tips, tricks and practical suggestions.

KS2 sats paper

KS2 SATs past papers and practice papers

You'll find lots of KS2 SATs papers and revision planners on TheSchoolRun to help your child prepare for their SATs test at the end of Year 6 including:

KS2 SATs past papers – the official past papers
KS2 maths SATs practice papers and KS2 English SATS practice papers – mock papers, exclusively created for TheSchoolRun
SATs revision planner – get your child off to a confident start with these expert revision tips
Countdown to SATs action plan – a 6-week plan to get your child ready