Year 4 science: what your child learns

Toy cars going down a slope
Find out what is taught in Year 4 science and how you can build on your child’s learning at home.

There is one science curriculum covering the whole of Key Stage 2 and it is still divided into the three main areas the children studied in Key Stage 1:

  • Life processes and living things
  • Materials and their properties
  • Physical processes

As in previous years, your child will study aspects of each topic, but now it will be in greater detail. As well as now learning about health and safety too, they will be taught to develop their skills of ‘scientific enquiry’ (examining ideas and evidence, using investigative techniques, drawing conclusions based on evidence).

Science in Year 4 – what your child will learn:

The three main areas of study include the following topics, but different schools and different teachers will choose to approach the topics differently in KS2. 

Life processes and living things

  • Humans and other animals
  • Green plants
  • Materials and their properties

Physical processes

  • Electricity
  • Forces and motion
  • Light and sound
  • Sun, Earth and moon

Try this at home

  • Get your child to count how many different materials they can see when you’re out and about
  • Visit your dentist regularly and encourage your child to ask questions about their teeth
  • On a sunny day, go outside and make shadows. Try at different times of the day, and see if your child notices any changes in length

Practise the concepts your child is investigating in school with our Year 4 science worksheets.