What your child learns in Year 1 maths, English and science

Children in a year 1 classroom
Be prepared for what your child will learn in Year 1 with our quick reference guide to the key concepts and skills they’ll cover in class – find out how you can help them at home, too!

After going through all the ‘firsts’ in Reception, both you and your child will know the ropes when starting Year 1. But there are still plenty of new experiences to be had as the work gets more complicated, and your child begins the path to Key Stage 1 SATs at the end of Year 2 (Year 1 and Year 2 make up Key Stage 1).

Year 1 maths

Building on the number recognition skills and knowledge of basic operations that your child will have learned in Reception, Year 1 maths encourages them to think about more why they get the answers they do and be able to explain calculations and methods. You may also come across the term partitioning in their maths assignments.

They’ll continue to learn about shapes, as well as start learning to tell time, use money, work with weights and measures, practise estimation and count in sequences using a number line.

Find brilliant, free Year 1 maths worksheets to help your child at home!

Year 1 English

Your child will continue learning to read and write more and more complex sentences, as well as spelling new words to increase their vocabulary. Handwriting will still focus on letter formation and correct pencil grip.

Your child will start writing using a keyboard, building on the ICT skills they may have begun in maths.

Download our free Year 1 English worksheets to help with spelling, grammar, writing, reading and more.

Year 1 science

The important skills taught in Year 1 science include investigating, experimenting and ordering data in charts and graphs. They’ll be taught to recognise body parts, components of plants and different materials, and to understand the basics of physical processes such as sound and electricity.

You can help your child practise these concepts with our fun and helpful Year 1 science worksheets.

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