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Thousands of English, maths and science printable and interactive worksheets.



In each interactive tutorial, our digital teacher explains the topic, gives examples and then gets you to complete on-screen tasks.

Learning packs

Learning packs

70+ downloadable workbooks and learning packs.

Personal Account Manager

Personal Account Manager

A Personal Account Manager to help you put together a learning plan tailored to your child's individual learning needs.

Learning Journey programmes

Learning Journey programmes

Unique learning programmes for every year of primary school.

Practice papers

Practice papers

Exclusive practice papers and past papers for all primary school tests.

11+ Preparation Plan

11+ Preparation Plan

A year-long 11+ preparation plan (196 worksheets in total) with weekly email advice and support.

VIP support group

VIP support group

Private support group for subscribers on Facebook.

Plus each week you'll get...

Weekly worksheets and educational updates for your child delivered directly to your inbox.

Why parents love

'I genuinely don't know what I would do without TheSchoolRun. Every day when my son gets home he downloads his day and if he mentions anything like 'chunking' or 'adverbial phrases' I am straight on to your site to check what he means! I'm using it at least four times a week. Superb resource – keep up the excellent work.' - Clare, Kent

'TheSchoolRun has saved me countless times when I am confused as to how to help my children on a number of topics. My maths has also improved tremendously due to the simple and fun way employed by TheSchoolRun to teach seemingly complex topics. I can't thank you enough. My children and I are blessed with the discovery of the site. It is our magic wand to excellence.' – Oyebola

‘Let me tell you that your website is the best one for primary school I have come across. I love everything about it and your worksheets are simple, colourful and help me a lot with my daughter at home. So, A BIG THANK YOU!!!’ – Mrs Finch, West Sussex

Here are some of the 70+ activity packs you'll get access to:

Fabulous Phonics

In Fabulous Phonics you'll get a complete overview of how and why phonics is taught, as well as teacher tips to help you make phonics learning part of your child's everyday life and 50 printable games and activities to put the theory into practice.

Need some fun strategies to help your child's times tables stick? Our Times Tables Funpack offers puzzles and games galore. Your child will be so busy puzzle-solving, they won't even realise they're putting their tables into practice!

Fractions made simple

Foxed by fractions? Not any more! From the foundations of fractions learning in Reception to converting fractions to decimals and percentages in Year 6, our learning pack identifies everything your child needs to know in this tricky area.


From proper nouns to pronouns, statements to subordinate clauses and articles to adverbs, help your child revise grammar the fun way with our Great Grammar Games learning pack.

Our mission

We help you support your child's learning every step of the way

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The 14-day trial is free. When you take out your trial you can choose one of three post-trial subscription packages: £42 for six months; £66 for 12 months; £99 for 3 years. If you decide you don't want to continue to a full subscription, you can log into your customer portal at any time during your trial to cancel and no further subscription fees will be taken. Subscriptions are recurring until you cancel them. For more information, please see our terms and conditions.

Can I cancel at any time?

If you cancel at any time before the end of your 14-day trial, no subscription fees will be taken. If you do continue to a full subscription, the charge is recurring and you will automatically be billed at the end of every subscription period. If you decide to end your subscription at any time you can do so by logging into your customer portal or emailing [email protected] and we will ensure that your subscription is cancelled at the end of your current subscription period and no further fees are taken.

Can I use the Learning Journey for more than one child?

Yes, your subscription fee includes access to the Learning Journey (and all the resources on TheSchoolRun) for all your children.

What happens to my information once I register with you?

Your privacy is very important to us and we adhere to strict practices to ensure the details you register with us are kept secure. Please read our Privacy policy and our Cookies policy for more details.

Are the worksheets online or do I have to print them?

Many of our worksheets are now interactive (this functionality is only available to TheSchoolRun subscribers). To fill them in online simply select that option on the individual worksheet page. Please be aware, however, that for some of our worksheets writing out the answers is an integral part of the activity (particularly in maths where they might have step-by-step working out to do, or in English, where practising handwriting and composing sentences are some of the main objectives of the worksheet). If you don't want to print out these worksheets, why not show your child the activity on your computer / tablet and encourage them to write their answers on a piece of paper?

Do teachers write your content?

TheSchoolRun is owned and run by a small team of mums all working from home – we have 20 children between us, 12 of them at primary school. Our professional background is in publishing. All our educational materials, however, are written for us by qualified primary school teachers. We commission teachers to produce worksheets and activities on a particular area of the curriculum. They prepare the work based on their classroom experience and knowledge of current teaching methods; TheSchoolRun team then designs, tweaks and uploads the worksheets on the site.


TheSchoolRun is the website for primary-school parents who want to help their children with their education and make sure they stay healthy, have fun and get the best possible start in life.

From the best ways to learn times tables and prepare for the weekly spelling test to 11+ preparation and SATs practice papers, we cover every aspect of your child's time at primary school and offer information, advice, a community of like-minded parents and thousands of worksheets and activities to boost your child's confidence in English, maths and science. Not sure what a number square is? Foxed by homework about embedded clauses? We explain primary school terminology, teachers' expectations and how to use chunking to divide – because we've experienced what it's like to feel clueless about what your child is learning and be desperate for parent-friendly guidance.

TheSchoolRun is owned and run by a small team of mums all working from home. This means all your queries will be answered personally – nothing is filtered through an enormous and anonymous customer service team – and we aim to respond via email within 24 hours (at 1am sometimes!). Our resources are written for us by experienced primary school teachers and edited and designed to offer children fun (but educationally-sound) games and activities to help support their learning at home.

If you have kids who are gifted and talented or have special educational needs, or if you're simply looking for ways to make sure your children achieve their full potential and enjoy their time at school, we aim to help you negotiate the education maze.