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Best educational TV for KS2 children

Child and parent watching TV - best educational TV shows for KS2
No need to turn off the TV and do something less boring instead if these are the programmes your children are watching! From news updates to historical dramas there’s plenty to keep 7 to 11 year olds interested – and learning new things – whenever they’re tuning into their favourites.

Blue Peter, CBBC

First broadcast in 1958, Blue Peter is the longest-running children’s TV show in the world, and it’s still going strong today. It’s moved with the times, but it still combines news, animals, celebrities, the famous ‘makes’,  and some amazing challenges for the presenters. And you can still win a much-coveted Blue Peter badge.

Gory Games, CBBC

This gruesome spin-off from Horrible Histories has cleverly managed to create a game show which actually teaches the viewers some history along the way. There’s still plenty of slime (and fake poo), and the history may not always be pleasant, but if your child learns about Ancient Egypt by watching someone pull guts out of a mummy, it’s got to be worth the gore.

Newsround, CBBC

Another stalwart of CBBC, Newsround is the news of the day, especially for young people. Cleverly mixing topical issues with lighter stories, this makes sure that current events are presented in a style which is appropriate for children. A must-see for young people who want to keep up to date and informed.

Deadly 60, CBBC

Children who like their animals to be a little on the dangerous side will love Deadly 60. Presenter Steve Backshall is fearless as he ventures into the wild to track down the world’s deadliest animals. If you like this, look out for the spin offs, Live ‘n’ Deadly, and Deadly 360.

Horrible Histories, CBBC

This Bafta-winning CBBC show is a hit with children and parents alike, thanks to its mix of history and humour. Inspired by Terry Deary’s bestselling books, Horrible Histories' combination of sketches, spoofs and songs brings history to life and will inspire any child. Thanks to one four-minute song, there are now plenty of children able to recite all the kings and queens of England – a pretty impressive skill!

Art Ninja, CBBC

This new show is all about inspiring kids to get creative, using materials they can find lying around the house. Presented by Aardman creative Ricky Martin, Art Ninja features a balance of 'try it now' accessible art and larger, inspirational projects. It also introduces children to the techniques of animation, using a variety of different styles. Projects include making an invisible pet dog, knitting fingerless gloves and creating your own unique postage stamps.

Operation Ouch!, CBBC

Real-life doctors and identical twins Chris and Xand give children an early introduction to human biology in this entertaining and often gruesome educational series. There are lots of experiments to try at home, along with insights into what goes on in paediatric A&E departments and on children's wards. The doctors also delve behind the human interest stories to explore ideas such as how the digestive system works and what happens when we sneeze. Expect snot and gore galore on Operation Ouch! 

Blow Your Mind, CBBC

Another madcap factual series from doctors Chris and Xand – but this time, the brothers delve into the world of nature to round up amazing facts that are the talk of the playground. Each episode has its own theme, from space to icebergs, and is a mine of fascinating facts that will give your child's general knowledge a huge boost. If you've ever wanted to see a manta ray have an ultrasound examination, or find out how to treat a bear with a sore head, Blow Your Mind is not to be missed. 


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