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What are talk partners?

What are talk partners?
Find out what a talk partner is and why having a talk partner will benefit your child's learning in the classroom.

What are talk partners?

Using 'talk partners' in a lesson, means a teacher asks a question and then asks the class to discuss their answer to this question with a partner.

Teachers are now encouraged to use talk partners as often as they can, as it is believed the benefits are as follows:

  • Children are actively engaged in a lesson. If they are not required to talk about what the teacher is saying it is quite possible they are not thinking about what is being asked.
  • Children are given confidence by discussing an idea with a peer first. They may be unsure of their answer until they have a chance to talk it over with someone else.
  • Children are given time to think about a question and properly formulate an answer. Sometimes children need to talk about something before being able to give a good answer.
  • If teachers rely only on children raising hands to give answers, it is common to find that the same few children raise their hands each time. After children have talked about something in a pair, a teacher can choose a pair to offer what they have discussed, without waiting for them to put their hands up. This means that the quieter children who may not normally offer contributions are encouraged to speak up. 
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