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Win copy of The Story of Babur: Prince, Emperor, Sage

The Story of Babur: Prince, Emperor, Sage, illustrated by award-winning artist Jane Ray and published by Scala Arts Books, is the children’s adaptation of the great epic of Central Asia, the Baburnama, which tells the story of the great warrior-king Babur.

Babur’s life reads like a fairytale from the Arabian Nights: he was crowned King aged 12; became the ruler of the glittering Samarkand aged 15; was soon defeated and had to flee.

Later on he set up his Court in Kabul (in Babur’s times, Afghanistan was a lively arts centre in Central Asia) and finally he went on to conquer Northern India where he founded the Moghul Empire.

The Moghuls have left behind a wonderful arts & architecture heritage that includes the Taj Mahal.

This adaptation for younger readers (Key Stage 2) will introduce them to this classic of world literature and to Babur’s exciting adventures of discovery and conquest.

There are 6 copies of The Story of Babur, to be won in this competition. Answer the question below for your chance to win a copy worth £12.95 (rrp).

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Competition end date: Sunday, 3 July 2022 - 06:00
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