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4 screen-free boredom-busting activities

100 Screen-free Ways to Beat Boredom
Why don't you put down that phone, turn off that tablet, switch off the television and do something less boring instead? Make a marshmallow catapult, create your own fingerprint kit, prepare a tornado in a bottle and amaze your friends with rainbow bubbles – just four of the electronics-free ideas in 100 Screen-free Ways to Beat Boredom!
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It's all too easy for children (and adults!) to be captivated by digital delights – but screen-free stimulation is a low-cost, high-impact solution to "boring" free time, and promotes face-to-face interaction, family time and imaginative play.
In this extract from 100 Screen-free Ways to Beat Boredom (£9.99, QED Publishing) we suggest a few creative new activities for your child to try. Click on each image to download a printable page of instructions and "ingredients" for your screen-free fun.

Make a marshmallow catapult

Who wouldn't want to fling marshmallows? You could try to get a mini-marshmallow straight into a waiting mouth!

Create your own fingerprint kit

Put your sleuthing skills to the test with a DIY detective kit.

Make a tornado in a bottle

A tornado you can hold in your hand? Yes, really!

Blow rainbow-coloured bubble clouds

Why blow normal bubbles when you could create a rainbow bubble cloud instead? Here's how to do it.

More screen-free boredom-busting

The ideas above are extracted from 100 Screen-free Ways to Beat Boredom (£9.99, QED Publishing) by Kris Hirschmann and Elisa Paganelli.