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Analysing a play script

Analysing a play script worksheet
Read this play script about a boy who finds himself on a magical island and is tempted to eat some very special fruit, then act it out with a family member. Can you find the following features in the play script?
Keystage:  KS2, Year 4

What does it mean to analyse a play script?

Analysing a play script in primary school involves examining and understanding the different elements of a written play. Usually children are asked to read the play script, either individually, in groups, or as a class. They then work on understanding the story, the characters, the setting, and the plot. They will examine things like the plot, stage directions and text layout etc. 

Why do children analyse play scripts at primary school?

Children are asked to analyse play scripts at primary school for several reasons: 

  • develop literacy skills
  • critical thinking skills
  • creativity and imagination
  • cultural and social awareness
  • take part in teamwork and collaboration
  • and to potentially prepare them for a performance. 

How will this worksheet help my child to analyse a play script?

This worksheet was created by an experienced teacher and is a great first-step in introducing the concept of analysing a play script. Your child will simply need to read the extract and look for basic features, such as characters names and stage directions. 

For more information and resources about plays and poetry, check out our hub page. Your child can also try writing their own play with our Setting out a play script correctly worksheet.

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