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Optional sats articles

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Is your child's school going ahead with KS1 SATs?
For the first time ever, KS1 SATs for Year 2 children are now optional. However, despite this change, numerous schools have decided to continue with them. What does this mean for your child's education? Matt Revill, a seasoned primary headteacher, dives into the latest updates in this week's School Savvy blog.
Free KS1 and KS2 SATs revision advice and resources
Your free SATs downloads KS1 and KS2
Get your free SATs past papers, downloads and advice and information to help support your KS1 and KS2 child in the Y2 and Y6 tests here.
What are primary-school CATs?
What are primary school CATs?
Even in non-SATs years, some primary-school children take formal tests known as CATs. We explain what the GL Assessment CAT or CAT4 tests for primary-school pupils involve and how the results are used.
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The parent's guide to InCAS tests
Many primary-school pupils in Northern Ireland and Scotland are assessed every year using InCAS tests. We explain what’s involved.
Best 11+ learning tools
Best 11+ learning tools
Workbooks, practice papers and a hefty dose of general parental anxiety are a classic combination when your child is preparing to take a selective exam like the 11+. These tools aim to make preparation more fun, more convenient or more efficient – well worth including in your revision plan in the run-up to September.
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What are optional SATs?
SATs don’t just happen in Years 2 and 6; in many schools, children sit tests every year throughout KS2. Here’s our guide to optional SATs and why your primary school child might take them at the end of this school year, plus links to free past papers to download.
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What are SATs?
No doubt you’ll have heard a lot of talk about SATs, but do you know what they involve or how you can help your child to prepare? Here’s the lowdown on everything you need to know.
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Understanding SATs results
How are SATs marked, when will you see your child’s results and what do the marks mean? Moira Holden explains everything you need to know about the optional Y2 and compulsory Y6 SATs results.
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Top 10 ways to calm your child's fears about SATs
Give your child some all important “me time” during their SATs with our top tips on how to relax the mind and body and make for a healthier, happier learner!
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What educational value do SATs have?
SATs tests are one of the most hotly debated topics among educationalists, parents, and even children. So what do the experts have to say about their value and effect on children?