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Back to school articles

Mother picking up toys in empty house
5 ways to overcome empty nest syndrome
Empty nest syndrome is normally associated with teenagers leaving for university but what about when your young one starts full-time at primary school? Lauren Crosby Medlicott's youngest child is about to do just that, leaving her with an empty house six hours a day. She shares her plan for coping with this big change.
Kids going back to school
Best back-to-school buys
Get ready for the new school year with our selection of the best back-to-school buys that won't break the bank. From uniform to lunchboxes, tick off that back-to-school checklist and avoid any last-minute stress before September.
Helping children get into a school mindset
Helping your child get back into a school mindset
After time out of school, your child’s learning habits may be rusty. Here’s how to iron out those back-to-school problems and help them settle back into a learning mindset.
School uniform tips for parents
57 school uniform tips from parents, for parents
From buying the right kit to stopping it getting lost (perhaps!), we asked parents on social media for their advice on choosing, organising and labelling school uniform.
Back to school sleep routine
Getting your child back into a school sleep routine
A good night's sleep is essential if your child is to learn and achieve, but what if their sleep patterns have gone haywire over the holidays?
Back to school after homeschooling
Supporting your child’s return to school
If your child is going back to school after a period of homeschooling, it’s natural for you both to be nervous. Read our top tips for easing the transition back to the classroom.
Best literacy resources
Best literacy resources
Whether your child is just learning to read and print letters or looking for ways to put their creative writing skills to the test, we've rounded up some fantastic resources to help them practise phonics, grammar, story-writing and comic-creating at home. Plus there are loads of different ways to connect with authors and listen to stories.
First day of school traditions
7 ways to mark your child's first day at school
Your child's very first day at school is one to remember, so we've rounded up the best ways to mark the occasion.
Lunch box art
18 lunchbox hacks every parent should know
Fed up of making the same old packed lunches everyday? These brilliant ideas will save time and money, and make your child's daily lunch more appealing (though we can't guarantee lunch box artistry too!).
Children in primary school
How to change your child's school
Not all children stay at the same primary school from Reception until Year 6. We look at the ins and outs of transferring your child to a new school.
Mum and daughter walking to school
9 secrets of stress-free school mornings
Do you ever feel like a stuck record, shouting instructions at your child in an attempt to leave the house on time? We reveal the tactics that could transform your morning routine.
Breakfast brain-boosters, Go Faster Food for Kids
5 back-to-school breakfasts to boost body and brain
Finding it hard to get the brain back into gear every morning? Kate Percy, author of Go Faster Food for Kids, brings you her top three performance-boosting “back-to-school” breakfast recipes, plus expert tips to turn your kids' breakfast into a nutritional powerhouse.
Summer holiday learning
Your child's new school year preparation plan
Each year group brings fresh challenges in literacy and numeracy. Want to give your child a head start? Primary teacher Phoebe Doyle offers some easy-to-action advice on tackling an objective from the year group your child is about to enter during the summer break.
Topsy and Tim Start School
Best books about starting school
‘Big School’ can seem like an overwhelming place to Reception starters. Make the school-gates goodbyes a little easier by helping your child find out all about school, from lunch boxes to reading corners and name pegs. Here’s our pick of the best starting-school reads to look through together.
Schoolgirls writing
Beat back-to-school nerves
Many children feel a bit nervous about the start of a new school year, but for some, the jitters continue beyond the first few days. Here’s how to help your child de-stress if they’re finding going back to school a struggle.
Name label
Best labelling solutions for school
Wish there was a labels fairy to transform the uniform pile into a neat stack of personalised clothing? Whether you’re super-organised and spread your labelling over the holidays or prone to last-minute panics and label-sewing all-nighters, these products are designed to help you get the job done – and look great, too.
Teacher and children
8 things you must do to lay the foundations of a great school year
Want to know how to get your child off to a flying start next term? Who better to ask than the experts! Wendy Golledge quizzed eight primary school teachers for their tips on preparing your child for the school year ahead.
Back to school
Back to school: your seven-day countdown
The summer’s almost over and in a week’s time, you’ll need to be up, dressed and out of the house by 8.30am – help! Lucy Dimbylow asked the most organised people on the planet – mums of school-age children – to create the ultimate to-do list for the last week of the holidays, with no last-minute panics in sight.
'Back to school' written on blackboard
Back to school tips
When those blissful weeks of the summer holidays are drawing to a close, here’s what you can do to help your child get back in gear for school.