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Best science board games for children

Best science board games for children
Have fun with chemistry, physics and biology with these family science games, designed to make STEM learning interactive and competitive, and introduce concepts like quantum physics, space exploration, evolution and ecology to KS1 and KS2 learners (and parent players, too!).

OjO Atomic Force, £20

Collect Protons, Neutrons and Electrons as you make your way across the game board and solve different challenges to build simple elements and compounds using the atomic particles you've collected. Don't have enough particles? Keep rolling the dice and watch out for other players overtaking you – the first player to the finish line is the winner! A great way to introduce children to basic chemistry form age 6.

Green Board Games BrainBox Science, £12.97

From life cycles to light, magnets to materials and healthy plants to the human body, show off your science knowledge with this visual memory game. We love the sturdy, durable question cards (they'll withstand hours of family play) and the fact that different ability levels and ages can be catered for and play together. The perfect ten-minute brain challenge to keep everyone busy (and off their phones and devices!) while waiting in a restaurant or for some fast learning fun before bedtime.

Compounded, £31.81

In Compounded players become chemical lab managers, competing to make the most chemical compounds before the other competitors do (or before the lab is destroyed in an explosion!). You'll need to be aware that some compounds are flammable and will become increasingly volatile over time – if you're too slow in gathering your compounds all your hard work will go up in smoke! It's worth considering trading elements and laboratory tools to build alliances with other chemists in the race to the finish line...

Dr Eureka Game, £20.55

Dr Eureka needs your help to mix molecules, master formulas and complete experiments! To become the top scientist in the lab you'll need a steady hand to transfer your molecules between the test tubes in the right order and faster than every other player – and there are 54 different challenges to complete! A fast-moving, hands-on game which promotes logical thinking, improves dexterity and boosts accuracy skills. Best played with 2-4 players, aged 6 years and over.

Evolution: The Beginning Board Game, £27.52

A great introduction to the best-selling Evolution board game series, Evolution: The Beginning challenges you to adapt different species to succeed in a dynamic ecosystem where food is scarce and predators roam. There are hundreds of ways to evolve your species, so every game is completely different – will you favour traits like Flight and Horns to help protect your species from Carnivores or choose a Long Neck to help them get food that other species cannot reach? From age 8.

History Heroes: Scientists Card Game, £9.99

Officially endorsed by the Science Museum, this pocket-sized educational quiz card game introduces children to 40 great scientists, from Archimedes to Stephen Hawking. Read the fact-packed, illustrated cards and test yourself on who changed science (and how) through history. Suitable for the whole family to play together, you can choose your level of fact (green is easiest; red is hard) to make the game gently educational or viciously competitive!

Blue Orange Photosynthesis Family Game, £37.99

Playing on the beautiful Photosynthesis board you will cultivate seeds and plant and shape an ever-changing forest. Nurture your trees through their life cycle, from seedling to full bloom to rebirth, and earn points as their leaves collect energy from sunlight. It's important to be strategic: choose where you sow and when you grow your plants, as trees in the shadows are blocked from light – and from earning points!

Subatomic, £28

Have fun on a quantum scale with Subatomic, a physics- and chemistry-powered deck-building game. Players combine subatomic particles (Quarks and Down Quarks) and use Particle/Wave Duality cards to form protons, neutrons, and electrons; the particles are elementary but the strategies you'll need to win are not! Packed with "sneaky" learning, so linked to the absorbing gameplay that children won't even realise it's happening.

Terraforming Mars, £47

Travel to the Red Planet in the 2400s. As humans begin to terraform Mars, your role is to act as a corporation and deliver scientific progress to allow people to live comfortably in the environment, with enough oxygen to breathe, oceans with Earth-like weather and a temperature that's well above freezing. Compete for victory points awarded for your contribution to making Mars habitable and for advancing human infrastructure throughout the solar system. Will you be a leader in humanity’s new era?

Blue Orange Planet Board Game, £29.44

Create a populated, diverse planet by spreading mountain ranges and deserts, expanding forests and boosting the number of oceans and glaciers. You'll have to position your continents strategically to establish hospitable environments for animal life to develop, so make sure you use all your habitats and ecosystems knowledge to create a planet that's teeming with life.

Wingspan, £59.99

Wingspan is a beautifully illustrated, competitive bird-collection game. You play as a bird enthusiast – a researcher, bird watcher, ornithologist or collector – and aim to attract the best birds to your aviary. Roll dice to gain food tokens, "lay eggs" using colouful egg miniatures and play hundreds of unique bird cards. The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game. Perfect for nature lovers aged 10+.

OjO Space Rescuers, £19

An educational board game which teaches kids fun facts about space, the solar system, planets and their location relative to our sun. Players will also learn about the impact of space waste as they complete their mission to get to know the universe. A great game to encourage interactive learning in KS1 children aged 5+, from British educational toy company OjO.

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