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Grow a love of gardening with these tools for kids

Two girls gardening with tools
Gardening isn't just for the grandparents; it's a hugely popular pastime for people of all ages! Gardening (and being outdoors) has so many benefits in terms of physical and emotional development, and learning about the world around us. You can use the tools below to get started and encourage a love of growing. Who knows? Maybe this will be a new family hobby!
Watering can from Amazon

Bigjig's Green Watering Can

£12.49, Bigjig's Toy Store

Gardening aprons from Etsy

Gardening Apron

£7.50, Etsy

Gardening belt

Gardening set belt

£8.99, Amazon


DIY kids' planters

Wooden Planter Box Kits

£5.95, Baker Ross

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