How the Learning Journey works

Learning journey checklist
Find out how our fantastic primary school learning programme – The Learning Journey – could benefit you and your child as well as full details of how to use the reward charts and certificates!
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How does it work?

The Learning Journey provides you with 80 core worksheets for each school year, 40 in maths and 40 in English.

There are two different ways to use the Learning Journey:

  1. Log into TheSchoolRun and choose the appropriate Learning Journey for your child's year and for the subject you want to cover (for example, Year 3 English Learning Journey or Year 5 Maths Learning Journey). You can then work through the worksheets in order – we'd recommend you choose one maths and one English worksheet a week – or pick worksheets that match topics your child is currently covering at school. There's also a handy checklist so you can keep track of what you’ve already done, as well as a reward chart and certificates for your child.
  2. Open the email we'll send you every Wednesday and download the two worksheets (one English, one maths) for that week for your child's school year. The order of the worksheets will roughly match the order that your child is being taught topics at school during the school year, but it doesn't matter if you start the Learning Journey part-way through the year, as you can go back and catch up on any worksheets you've missed so far. There is also an optional science worksheet to complete each week.

In addition to the 80 worksheets, there are an extra 24 puzzles, games and quizzes to keep them busy in the school holidays.

There are checklists for each Learning Journey so you can track your child's progress. (Go to the relevant Learning Journey page and the link to the checklist is in the introduction.)


Another important element of the Learning Journey is the reward chart and certificates to help motivate your child to stick with the journey. They are, of course, an optional part of the programme but the teachers who helped us create the Learning Journey all agreed that setting up a challenge and reward system for your child would increase their willingness to take part and keep up their enthusiasm for completing their weekly worksheets.

Find out more about how to use the reward chart and certificates below.

CertificateReward chart

What are the key benefits of the Learning Journey?

  • Government research shows that giving your child extra support with their learning at home is one of the key determinants of how well they will perform at school.
  • The Learning Journey provides you with two worksheets a week (one English, one maths) to do with your child (plus an optional science worksheet). By completing these worksheets (which shouldn't take more than 10 minutes each), you can be confident that you've given your child the extra support they need at home to stay on top of the National Curriculum and perform well each year.
  • The programme has been carefully created by primary school teachers to ensure that over the course of the school year you will cover all the core areas of the National Curriculum, including reading and writing skills, spelling, times tables and maths.
  • This extra reinforcement and practice at home will help your child feel confident that they’re keeping up with the class and doing well at school.
  • You will be able to spot any problem areas your child may have and resolve them with the extra worksheets and learning packs that are provided.
  • Rather than seeming like just more school work, your child will be inspired by the colourful graphics and the fun nature of the worksheets.
  • The Learning Journey course also includes a fun reward chart and certificate to help motivate and inspire your child. Plus there’s a handy checklist to help you keep track of the journey.

How much does it cost? 

The Learning Journey is a service provided for all subscribers to TheSchoolRun at no extra cost. If you are already a subscriber then you will automatically have full access to this service.

If you are a registered user of the site and would like to trial Learning Journey, why not sign up for a FREE 14-day trial subscription today? You will instantly gain access to the Learning Journey, as well as all the worksheets, learning packs and SATS practice papers on the site, that are currently locked to you.

How to use the reward charts and certificates

We all know that children work better when they are working towards a specific goal and there are rewards along the way.

The Learning Journey reward chart has been specifically created to keep your child motivated and to make the journey a fun and pleasurable experience.

The challenges and goals you set together can either be about completing a certain number of worksheets, or weeks of the Learning Journey, or about completing specific learning objectives linked to the work your child is doing as part of their Learning Journey.

Here, for example, is a reward chart completed by one of our Learning Journey guinea pigs!
Completed reward chart

The kinds of challenges you might like to choose, for example, include things like:

Complete 5 worksheets… Complete 2 weeks of the Learning Journey… Learn your 3 times table… Complete 2 worksheets on reading comprehension… Get full marks in a spelling test… Read a book and write a book report… Write a letter to grandma… Learn 5 phonic sounds… Do 3 worksheets for number bonds to 20
We’re sure your children can come up with some great ideas for rewards they’d like themselves but here are a few ideas to give them inspiration: Play a board game together… Bike ride… Trip to park/playground… Family movie night (DVD and popcorn)… Friend for a sleepover… Baking session… Pick the menu for dinner… Extra computer/TV/game console time… Special dessert… Staying up late on a Friday/Saturday

You'll find an even longer list of reward suggestions once you log into the Learning Journey.

In addition to the reward chart, you will also be able to print off different certificates to present to your child as they progress through the Learning Journey.
Learning Journey certificate