How to save resources

My saved resources is the area of the site where you can bookmark resources you want your child to complete.

Follow these steps to get started:

1) Log into the site.

2) Go to the My Account area and click on the Your Family tab. If you haven't done so already, add your child or children's names and school years and then click 'Save'.

3) You can now start saving resources you want your child to complete. To add an individual resource, such as a worksheet or tutorial, go to the resource on the site and click 'Save for later'.

4) You can also save all the worksheets in a Learning Journey programme. Just go the Learning Journey programme on the site and click 'Add the whole programme to your saved resources '.

5) To view your resources you can either click 'My saved resources' at the top of any page or click 'Go to my saved resources' in the pink box in the right-hand column.

6) In the saved resources section, click on the 'My saved resources' tab to see all the resources you have saved so far, assign a resource to one of your children or remove a saved resource completely. You can also filter all your saved resources by title, year group or subject. To download the resource just click on the title.

7) To assign a resource to a child, click on the 'Assign to...' button, select the child and then click 'done'.

To assign a Learning Journey programme to a child, click on the Learning Journeys tab, then click on the 'Assign to...' button, select the child and then click 'done'.

If you click 'View worksheets' you can see all the individual worksheets within this Learning Journey programme.

8) To see resources allocated to one of your children, click on the button with that child's name.

On the child's resources page, you can mark when a resource has been completed by ticking the 'Completed' box. The box will turn green indicating that the resource is completed. You can also view all completed resources by clicking the 'Completed' tab.

You can also assign a resource to a different child or remove a resource from your saved resources altogether.

9) Click on the Learning Journeys tab to see all the programmes you have assigned to this child.

Click 'View worksheets' to see all the worksheets within this programme.

Tick 'Completed' each time your child has finished a worksheet in this programme. The box will turn green to show you it's completed and you will also be able to see the overall progress through the programme.


10) Subscribers can access all the resources on the site. If you are not a subscriber you can add any resource to your wishlist but will only be able to download our free resources. Click here to find out more about how you could access all our resources with a free 14-day trial.

If you'd like any assistance setting up your wishlist, just email [email protected] and our Personal Account Managers will be happy to help.