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Irregular past tense verbs wordsearch

Irregular past tense verbs wordsearch
A fun and free activity created by an experienced teacher with the aim of teaching KS2 children about irregular past tense verbs. Each of the sentences on the worksheet includes an incorrect past-tense verb. Circle the incorrect verb and then find the correct form of the verb in the wordsearch.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 4


What is an irregular past tense verb? 

An irregular past tense verb is a verb that does not follow the usual pattern when forming its past tense. In English, most verbs become past tense when we add -ed to the end (e.g., walk becomes walked, talk becomes talked). 

However, irregular verbs have their own unique past tense forms that don't follow this rule.

What are some irregular past tense verb examples?

Here are a couple of examples of irregular past tense verbs:

  • The verb go becomes went in the past tense instead of goed.
  • The verb eat becomes ate in the past tense instead of eated.

How will this irregular past tense verb wordsearch help your child?

This activity, created by a seasoned educator, provides your child with the opportunity to dig deeper into their understanding of irregular past tense verbs in a way that feels more like fun and less like learning! 

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